Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving........from my home to yours..

Good morning! It is the day before Thanksgiving and I must stop and think, there is just so much to be thankful for. Health, Family, Happiness, Dear Friends, Peace
Getting ready for the Cottage Vintage Sale, Black Friday and Saturday here in quaint little town, should be a ton of fun! Think the weather will finally cooperate! Also getting ready to decorate the front lawn with my vintage Christmas wooden pieces.
I will be back after the Holiday with news and updates, stay tuned! Lots to do, lists to check, not to mention a little fur baby that got bit by a spider and is getting better daily! Poor little baby! Looked like a chipmonk! He will be fine......
Wishing you and yours a safe, healthy, and wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family!
love, kat xo =^.^=

Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Fall Saturday

Good morning everyone!
It's going to be a beautiful day, wind and all! Hint: Never say the "w" word around a golfer! lol
I will be finalizing all the set up staging in the FW for the upcoming Vintage Cottage Chic show next weekend! Maybe I will be able to find the dining table, the hallway and the door to the garage! What a mess I make! But I am like a five year old with the crafts :) Am I alone here? Let me know! lol
It is getting scary getting closer to the days! But going to be fun non the less :)
The weather has been beautiful, almost 80 degrees here in quaint little town and I'm still wearing sandals and short sleeve tops and thank you Lord for the low utility bill this month! :)
It's a Garden Cottage today, roses are blooming and all the plants are loving the cooler weather as well, you can see it! From 117 deg to 80 ish, they are thriving and growing now.
Have a great day! xo kat

Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy Friday! Its almost time for the Cottage Sale!

handcrafted handmade 6 foot ruler, design decor and measure your children! what a lovely keepsake!

gorgeous handmade jewelry, real gemstones and magnetic

"Sew Baby" my hat model! lol

one piece neck scarf and hoodie!
Hi there! Well, it has been one busy week here at the Cottage, getting ready for the Vintage Cottage Sale.

While we are fast approaching the first annual BDCottage Vintage Sale on the 22 & 23 of November, we all are workin our fingers to the bone, My crochet group plus others are burning the midnight oil!

Beautiful Jasper and magnetic Gemstone jewelry, the pictures do not do justice, the gorgeous handmade scarves, ruffled scarves too in so many colours! Tons of shabby chic white furniture, lots of sets of my handmade holiday mantle blocks and burlap banners, can you say hot glue!  ouch! lol

Anyway, it should be a fabulous event of all handcrafted, handmade things for the Christmas and Holiday season and of course some special old vintage items, plus things for the kiddos, blankets, denim jackets and lots of books from my Library too.

I've been making crochet "spa cloths" out of 100 % cotton, in all colours, small to large, would make a lovely gift with a fancy bar of homemade soap!

Well, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, I will be working like Santa's Elf in the FW and finishing up hopefully this weekend, fingers crossed, so I can have a couple of days to recoup before the "show."  I'm very excited, as the "theme" is "vintage cottage chic" and I've been decorating and setting up! I will take lots of pictures to post!

In the meantime, here are a few more pictures! For more, pop over to my Facebook page! hugs...

xo kat =^.^=

these are my hat displays, grid, teal, and the gardenhead twins :)

here's lookin at you, in the dining room! pardon my mess! it looks like a wearhouse! lol

Friday, November 8, 2013

Happy Friday! Another F word!

Hey Happy Friday! Happy weekend! It is sunny and just another gorgeous day here in quaint little town!
This Elf will be busy tending to organizing the Fashion Wearhouse and working on pricing for the upcoming Vintage Cottage Sale in a couple of weeks!
This is a mirror I made last Summer, never tire of looking at her! Lots of character and shell details!
Hoping you have a wonderful day too! :)
xo kat =^.^=
You will NEVER Guess what is gettin me going this morning! besides the coffee!!!!!

so get up and dance already! :) hugs

Thursday, November 7, 2013

mantle love

 I found these years ago, wasn't sure what to do with them but deco book pages on the tops sanded and waxed, they hang on the wall for towels in kit or bath or wherever you want! I guess they would be good for jewelry too! :)
Morning! I love to decorate the mantle in the Fall! I just finished some blocks! Again, I turned 5 and it was so fun! so with 5 blocks you can have the following words:
Peace, Love, Noel and Joy
This so you can change things out! Going to sell these at the Vintage Cottage Sale!
Off to do some more Elf work! :) Happy Thursday! xo kat =^.^=

Join in the fun over here:

party at:
Ivy and Elephants

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

edit, edit, edit

Good morning! It is just another beauty of a day and the sun is shining in! I cannot wait to get outside and "hit it!" lol
While editing is a whole lotta work, it is nice to see what we have and if we really need it!
It is  a want and a need thing at this point! Lessons learned. Lighten the load.
Here is a big secret! I really think I would be happy living in a loft type environment! Small doll house type living quarters, very shabby chic,  and a large place to create! :) yep I would! With a really really big table! :)
This little cutie will be out for the cottage sale! I love how this vintage Bistro table turned out! Thank you Mr D!
She is such high quality, I call it the "Palms Springs Vintage" look! Heavy strapping on the seats and heavy chairs, "Dean Martin and Frankie Sinatra"  would have had these at their Palm Springs, California  pool area! lol 

I've re-potted some of the larger plants out in the back 40! haha If I can get her out front, sale sale cottage sale callin her name! :)
While I love all my beautiful things, I have other interests now like sewing, creating painting art and upcycling furniture, stuff like that.
I want to play with all my fabrics, feel the textures and make bags and purses, aprons, quilts and now I'm learning how to crochet! Thank you girls! :)
So where does one begin?
baby steps and a list!
Still working on the cottage vintage sale and gathering! Every day is like Christmas! :)
Have a wonderful Wednesday! xo kat =^.^=

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Christmas is here!

Good morning! I know I know, but I have never been able to get a good head start on Christmas decor and this is going to be the year! Also Christmas has always been my favourite holiday! So hang in with me won't you?
Planning a "cottage chic shabby sale" (22 and 23 of November!) with my friends is helping me to create, edit my stash of stuff, and I have a ton of stuff, lol, and it is just plain fun!
These pictures of this particular wreath are posted on my face book too. I will be announcing more information closer to the two day sale.
This one lights up, its large and in charge! Make a statement on your front door, can be used inside or out too! I love them on the inside of doors and I use many for this season!

She still needs a little tuck here and there with the light strings :)

There are two of these, smaller mantle like or for the wall or bath.  They are wider and thinner! Maybe a centerpiece on the table?
Made these yesterday, and oh my I have to say my fingers are suffering today, not used to the hot glue and the wire on these wreaths! But then again, I'm "seasoned" lol!


This natural one I have had for a time, it is stunning in person, very quiet colour but elegant with just a hint of sparkle and very natural. This will go out for the shabby sale for someone else to love!

Hint, see this gorgeous chair? This is one of two bistro chairs, and the table, they will be out for the sale!
I have a couple of projects this morning, mainly getting the hands working, and finishing up what is on the list for today!
Tonight is my crochet group, and these wonderful ladies have been working away like elf's creating just gorgeous things, all new and handmade with love, for the sale.
So think, crochet, earrings! yes earrings! cotton spa cloths, bracelets, gemstone and the wonderful magnetic jewelry, neck scarves and ruffles everywhere! Baby items, hats for everyone, animal hats and gorgeous wall art!

Had to photo this little one yesterday in the garden, such vivid colours on the clematis! She's back!

Ol Saint Nick! Santa is everywhere! Apparently I have a collection! :)

Pilot Santa! Yes that is an airplane on his shoulder! hard to see.

Fisherman Santa! He's got one in the bucket! and the tree in a bag over his shoulder! these are so darling and about a foot tall! It was like Christmas around here yesterday! and I have so many more totes to go through! I just turned 5 years old again! :)

This wreath was made for me years ago, she is still gorgeous!
So no more hints for today! Times a wastin! lol This little elf has work to do! :)
Have a wonderful day! xo kat =^.^=

Monday, November 4, 2013

Crisp November Morn

Good Monday morning! It's November, it's crisp, and just a beautiful day ahead!
After much thought, and I mean a lot, downsizing is the path I am on now.
Planning a rather large extravaganza event just before the Thanksgiving weekend, shopping and the lovely local shows here in my quaint little town, I have decided to let this little girl go, along with about four other very vintage and antique "all working" Singer Sewing Machines from my personal collection.
There I've said it! Wow! That was hard :)
Anyway I will be posting more pictures soon, and stand by for the announcement on the "cottage sale" event and show! If you want a sneak peak of my things on the local Las Vegas Craigslist, type in the search bar; search 555-8888
The event will be BIG, FUN, and planning that the weather will cooperate as well! :)
Have a wonderful week! xo kat =^.^=

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Well Good Morning November!


 Good morning November! Wow you arrived in a hurry and I'm not really ready for you just yet! The cooler weather is welcome, the crisp sharpness in the morning is something I always loved, thanks to my beautiful Mother!
I remember she would get up really early, open all the windows, put on her bulky knit sweater and have that cup of coffee in the quiet of the morn, alone in the kitchen!
I remember always, always, that beautiful smile, first thing! I miss you Mom!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, had a great Halloween, and enjoying this beauty of a day!
I have a "to do list" today, the written word, 4 things will get done, then tonight we "gain" that hour we lost back!
Remember to turn the clocks back!
Spring ahead, Fall behind! xo Kat =^.^=