Friday, August 16, 2013

Hey Happy Friday!

Hello to you today and happy Friday, all I can say is relax and enjoy the day, humidity and all! lol

I happened to find this little lovely, and I mean lovely, I don't understand Spanish, but this was so very cute that I just had to share it! I've watched it over and over! Enjoy!

And since I have three of these little amigos, well, they are a very cute breed! hugs to you, kat =^.^=

Monday, August 12, 2013

To quote Elvis!

Hi everyone and happy Monday! Well I thought it was! I apparently have a "critter(s)" out in the back 40! lol Ick ick ick and double ick! ok enough of that! I'm itching over this and became the Queen of all Drama Queens today for sure! Hey, I was entitled!
Film at 1100!! lol
Anyway to quote Elvis, here is one " hunk a hunk of burnin love!"

 This is a way vintage Singer and she is a gorgeous piece of machine! And in working order! I have found a lovely sewing machine repairman here in my little city, he comes up from Henderson once a month, to visit our fabric store,  and I got all my vintage babies fixed! Can you say, yet another obsession, I mean, collection!
Anyway, she works, and I love her! the decals are gorgeous! She will sew a lot of layers too.
She is sitting atop my latest find.
There she was, "the big girl"  standing on end, another one on end! hum, (found my vintage 1940s couch that way too! lol), anyway 9 drawers, with the dust covers, oh my goodness, and she fit just underneath all my fabric shelves in my spare room. All 6 ft 3 inches of her!
I hit her with Howards Furniture Refinisher, does wonders for real wood, makes like new. She houses my craft items that might get too hot in the "fashion wear house" a.k.a. the garage, so this will work out perfectly for me for the organization part, which I am still working on!
Here are a few more pictures of my latest find, the big girl dresser!! Have a wonderful rest of the week!
hugs, kat =^.^=

Vintage hardware! Oh my goodness!

Dust covers, oh be still my heart!

Normally I paint everything, but she is too pretty and handsome, inlay and character, wow! Did I mention heavy! Solid wood! Oh my ackin back! lol

Isn't this bad girl purdy!

Even a jewelry tray! In perfect condition I might add!  Gimme a break! s.c.o.r.e!!!!!

Hurry up kat, she screamed, as it started to sprinkle! That was a day! humid, hot and of course the minute I got her outside awaiting help to get her into the house, 6, count em, 6 rain drops all landed on top of her!

Friday, August 9, 2013

the coffee table, rustic vintage elegance

Ok here is the finished coffee table! I am just loving this fabulous table! Wish oh wish I had a place for it, it is large, square and solid as a rock! Thick 1 1/2 inch thick solid wood piece with iron on it!  It is rustic and organic and just a statement piece.
Maybe not for everyone, but I love this kind of decor, kid friendly, wipe it off with a damp cloth and just put your feet up and relax! Add a piece of glass and wa la. So many possibilities with this one, I finished it, have it for sale on  las vegas craigslist now.

this was a fabulous door or something, I just added the wooden legs that I had!

Best of all I was able to go out into the wearhouse yesterday, I was sweating ( I don't wear make up now!) let me give you a visual!
Screwdriver in hand, kleenex tucked in shirt sleeve, and kleenex on the forehead, it stuck there! lol
the killer swamper is on but still a little warm to be out in the elements working putting this big gal together! But she is done! Check!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I then decided to share it first! :) here are some more pics, have a wonderful weekend, partyin with
 My Romantic Home today! Show and Tell Friday! Grab a cuppa something and plan to stay awhile, lots of eye candy every Friday! :)
 hugs kat =^.^=

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Blog break, the heat, and a fight!

Well hi there! Yes it has been quite a while since I've posted, and to be honest, I've truly been done in by the heat and humidity this year among other things!
So I decided to take a break, then I had this fight! A really big fight, with a, are you ready, with a box of parchment paper! Ok......... stop laughin! lol
Long story short, and I get the willies just talkin about it, I tried to catch the wire basket in my pantry when it started to fall out onto my feet!, yes, and when I grabbed for it, zowie! instead of the side of this basket I caught the box and the aluminum part that cuts the paper! ouch and ouch again! I caught just the worst place, the end of my typin finger!!! just one of them thankfully! .)
I'm  just a cry baby, and it was on my right hand, the typing hand and every time I tried to type, it would open up and bleed again, so, at that time, well, I decided I guess it was time to take a break, I could still crochet after a couple of weeks, but these things as you know, heal from the inside out, and take some time especially when you use it all the time! lol
So, all better now, and this Bernat cotton yarn is killer cotton yarn, I love it, and it makes a nice bath cloth or for the kitchen too. This one was a dusie, rather large, but am going to use it in the kitchen to dry my hands with. Joanns just had a large sale and I had to go get more! Just love the texture and it is easy to work with since I'm a beginner crochet gal.
My poor hands, I am so mean to them!
I hope you all had a wonderful month of July! I did, resting and goofing off! :)
I am catching up with my unfinished projects now! Are you ready? It's a short list!
a coffee table, just finished it
three vintage shelves, one more thing to finish on all three
a new crochet purse with ruffles, oh my goodness!!!!!! yea oh it is so easy! not!
my large carry on, the big crochet bag, almost done!
a small vintage all wood chest of 5 drawers, tall little gal
and I'll stop there, as I'm scaring myself again!
wow! I have a large platter going again! go figure, and who knew!!!!!! :)
Hey today is cooler, in the 90s!!!!
hugs to you, kat =^.^=