Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The End (of November!) already

Hello Sunshines! Already, wow, tomorrow is the last day of November! I am so not sure where this year has gone, and the worst thing ever is that Christmas counter I put on the sidebar! I'd like to slap him! LOL as Christmas is just around the corner huh! :) Only kidding!

I am being very lazy this week, today was almost 72 degrees and I am so loving this weather! Tomorrow, should be more of the same! So without further adieu.......hope you have a wonderful end to a great month! :)

I just love this pot! It's very old, and I made it from scratch back in my ceramic clay and pot throwing era! :) I used my utensils to cut out flowers and such, primitive, but creative at the time :)

 It has little dings here and there, I made this WAY BACK WHEN! LOL in a ceramics class I took when I lived in California. The city had turned a school into an adult center.

My friends and I would go and "throw" the clay and hand make things and then stop at a local sandwich shop before we went home! Throwing clay and using a wheel is way fun but tiring ya know!

It was hysterical! I can't tell you how many times the "guys" standing in line would do a double take on us and ask if we were house painters! We used to just giggle and say yeppers! We are! The clay was just everywhere, but that is what made it a blast!

So this clay pot, although very very heavy and not straight at all, means a lot to me, lots of memories. And yes, I do like it outside for now. I've had it inside with fruit in it but now tis the season for the pine cones to sit there quietly, until one of the pups brings one inside though the doggie door, and that is another story too!

I may have to bring it in again before it starts the wind and rainy season (if ever this year!) and set it beside the fireplace. Maybe throw some cinnamon in there and cloves to make the house smell good!

The next two pictures are really funny! The green stuff is from the original large lavender bush that has since gone on to greener pastures upstairs! If you know what I mean. When I moved in to this home it was kinda on it's last leg, but I brought it back, and it was so green in the winter and the hummingbirds just loved it! I clipped all the dead buds off and new ones sprouted all over the place, then one day it started dying! Don't know why, maybe I loved it too much or gave it too much water, but it passed on.

This green is the left overs from the Mother bush, and they are all over the rocky area. They are the fly aways I call them and they are very healthy, strong little plants and smell very very strong of lavender which I love.

I am hoping they spread all over the place and get very large, the birds love them so! Have a good one everyone! Hugs, Kat =^.^=

Monday, November 28, 2011

Tuesday Inspiration!

Hello Sunshines! And a very happy Tuesday to you all!

I had the pleasure of visiting with a friend today and learning a whole lot!  I am older, but that doesn't mean one cannot still learn new and exciting things, common sense things!  In other words, a whole new different way of looking at things, all things!

Discussion and feedback are wonderful! Aren't they!  I am on a new journey now, and learning whatever I can regarding this new and exciting adventure!

 I so appreciate any input and today I got so much it will be a lot to digest but I am up for the task at hand, AND, the research and study that goes along with it! I will explain soon, gotta get my feet wet and do a lot of paperwork! I will keep you posted and soon hope to tell you all about it!

Hope you all had a wonderful productive day too? Here are some more photos from my beautiful garden! I still have my herbs growing out back, and the peppers, remember the ones that took my breath away! The dreaded jalapeno! LOL Anyway, have a blessed and healthy happy week Sunshines! Hugs Kat =^.^=

It's been so nice here with lovely weather, I've been outside during the day and really won't want to come inside! LOL

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Garden Sunday!

Hi Sunshines, I so love Sundays! I usually play in the garden that day and relax! (yep this is what I call relaxin!) Diggin, planting, dead-heading! Basically getting my hands dirty!

So enough chatting, here are some pictures I took, since this weather is cooperating and the sun is out!

Hope you all have a great week! Hugs Kat =^.^=

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Hi Sunshines, meet Marsha! (John is standing beside her, he is finished, more pictures of that handsome dude later!) :) PS Please pardon my messy work areas in the pictures! :)

I have been busy today, finishing up some loose ends so to speak, this little ugly duckling being one of them, I finally have all of my before and after pictures together!

I found "Marsha" in a thrift (naturally :) ! She just spoke to me, scratches, dry skin, spider webs and all, especially her shape!

She was a dreary brown, very dry piece of real wood, SCORE! And I just fell in love with her and her sleek lines.  I've never seen an end table quite like this one, slightly triangle and all, but she is very interesting and I think really really old, as she has brass looking type metal caster roller feet! Roll Marsha,  roll! LOL She also has a really long drawer and the old drawer pull is original too!

She is a very sturdy piece for being so old, and really heavy as well, with tons of room on top and bottom shelf. I decoupaged the inside of the drawer (forgot to take pics !) with muted type "travel" scrap booking papers with the same beige color tones.

Anyway, I am so happy how she turned out, she is a solid creamy taupe yellow beige color with some distressing here and there and a new shiny waxed coat!

I know she feels better and so do I! :) Needless to say she was a labour of love! Painting, sanding, more painting, sanding, but now she has that softer wood feel, very smooth texture and I love how the wax feels and also protects her new coat! :) No more rough edges or scratches for her!

I hope you have a wonderful healthy, happy and loving week planned with tons of fun in there too Sunshines! Oh and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Hugs  Kat =^.^=

I am linking up to the Newbie Party with Debbie over at Debbiedoos Blogging and Blabbing! Check it out! :)


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Saturday, November 19, 2011

FAVE Land O Lakes Butter and some grocery money for the holidays!

Hi Sunshines and happy Saturday! The wind has subsided finally, and my mo hawk is back to the norm! LOL

Here is a neat place to visit asap! Blog her! Sign up for the Land O Lakes Sweepstakes and get yourself an extra little $$ for the holiday! Tomorrow is the last day to sign up! Hurry! Hurry! :)

If you are like me I only purchase REAL butter and Land O Lakes has been my fave for many many years!

Here is the link! good luck! Let me know if you win! :) Hugs Kat :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Mannequins -French Black with stand

Hi Sunshines, I have never done this but I want to share some things with you today! I have some things for sale that might be of interest to my blogger friends! Those of you that wish to display clothing or jewelry, re-vamp, or utilize, maybe in a booth area :)

I absolutely LOVE mannequins of all kind! All kind! I couldn't afford that old French one with the bottom metal cage just yet (if ever!:) but I did find something that would satisfy my need to display clothes, jewelry in my booth and at home!

I kinda fell into a deal! So I will throw this out there for you, and I am sharing if you want one.

They are the French Black type, jersey covered in excellent condition with shiny black adjustable stand, with the top finale as well.

They are $75.00 each plus shipping, let me know if you want insurance too, there are 8 pieces to each one, the body, the top finished piece, the adjustable rod and the bottom legs.  

If you are interested, email me at boulderdamcottage@gmail.com and send me your info and we can configure the shipping/insurance costs. I am in the 89005 zip code in Nevada. I am also a smoke free home :)

First come first serve basis guys, I have a few of these and will keep you posted on the availability.

I also have four of the hanging French Black plastic molded women's figure, half figure. They are "Female Torso Body Mannequin Form - can hold shorts or a skirt and a top type- mannequin." They are $20.00 each plus shipping. I am using one in my booth too! :)

Here is a pic of the other side of this one, you can also stand it up in a corner and push the hanger back to hide it if you want. Kinda neat!

Have a wonderful weekend Sunshines! We are "blowing away" today with the 40 plus mph winds! What's that old saying? "Hold on to your wig ETHEL!!!"  :)

Hugs Kat :)