Thursday, September 29, 2011

Introducing "Harper"

Hello Sunshines! Happy Thursday! Well, there is a new addition I'd love to introduce you to! Harper arrived yesterday! She will be gracing a new booth opening up very soon, the destination, is a big surprise!

Have a great weekend! I will be attending and working at Goat Feathers here in Boulder City, and having fun at the 49th annual Art in the Park here as well! Great fun, lots of interesting Art Stuff from ceramics, quilts, handmade jewelry and much more!

Most of our stores will be having sidewalk sales starting very early in the morning! Out on the highway and in town in our little shopping area by the Historic Boulder City Hotel.

Hugs Kat =^.^=

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

American Pickers ( and me and my friend! The Picker Sista's!

I LOVE MIKE AND FRANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I alwlays have, they get SO excited when they find that special something! The hunt! That is one of my favourite shows, next to Antiques Roadshow! THAT is such a learning show!

Hello Sunshines! Well today I got to go "picking!" Yep I'm one of THOSE PEOPLE! The more dirty and decrepit the better! The more loving a piece requires, I am there to give it, paint it, fix it, and either utilize for myself or it goes into my booth to be loved by someone that will also appreciate it! Oh the character of stuff!

I didn't find what I was looking for, a door, but it was just fun to look at all the stuff, very dirty dusty stuff! Mostly from old hotels now closed in the Vegas Baby area! Lots of history, photos, slots, fountains, and very heavy statues! VERY HEAVY STATUES! None that I could even budge!

I love love love all the older furniture pieces, such character! I can now add PICKER to the description of me! LOL

I did have a "picker sista" with me, and man she had so much fun too!!!! Well, we are going back hopefully soon! We cracked up! She says " oh WOW, THIS is the place I have been LOOKING FOR!" Well sista, ME TOO! What fun we had! And thank you for going with me!!!!

On the way home, with my treasures in the hatchback( I desperately need a truck!) I got hit in the head with a piece of wrought iron,(it wasnt old but will suit my dog run) I spilled my water on my knees, I was hacking with the dust factor, need I go on! It was fun! :)

I just had to check in and tell ya what a great time I had! There was so very much stuff there, all weathered, once loved, paint is needed and general clean up, but I don't care!

We had an absolute BLAST today! And it was HOT for end of September! Almost 100 deg! WOW

I got a great sunburn and sweat to the oldies, literally! the music was blaring!!! LOL

Back soon with the before and afters! I cannot wait to get started! Surprises!!! Hope you have a great week Sunshines!!!     Hugs Kat =^.^=

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fun Get Together and Ready for Art in the Park!!

Getting ready for the big weekend coming up, Oct 1st and 2nd, Art in the Park, here in our quaint little town of Boulder City NV. Here is a little preview of my booth! I've made a few changes!

Lots of vendors will be coming up from California and other states to show their wares. Artists, crafters, ceramics, jewelry.  Always a busy and so fun time!

Two days of an absolute BLAST! It is going to be busy around here and I cannot wait!

I have been marking inventory for my booth and helping out at Goat Feathers.  That is the most fun place to be, oldies music I think is my favorite part of the store! I get to dance and noone says anything! LOL

I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday! More information about our get together later! :)

Hugs Kat =^.^=

Monday, September 19, 2011

49th Annual Art in the Park - 1st & 2nd Oct 2011 - Boulder City NV 2011

Hello Sunshines, mark your calendars!! First weekend in October! Art in the Park! I always love Art in the Park here. It is the largest fundraiser for the Boulder City Hospital Foundation. A very good cause! The Park is always packed with locals and visitors and it is just great fun!

Tons of Art, original paintings, handmade jewelry, crafts, ceramics, food, quilts, so many creative individuals come each year. A fun weekend for sure!

I cannot wait! It is always the first weekend in October and this year, the weather is already cooling down for strolling and enjoying beautiful cooler days here!

Plus we have so many new little chic shops that have opened up, be sure to wear some comfortable shoes! Check out my sidebar for just some of my very favorites!

Also believe it or not you can get a room at the beautiful Hacienda Casino Hotel close to the Dam for about $20 bucks! Be sure to give them a call first for pricing and availability! I know, couldn't believe it either!

I had the pleasure of dining at their buffet with friends last week, and it was excellent! About ten minutes from town toward Lake Mead, a great resort place to stay! Courteous personnel, very clean, lovely views of the Lake.

Stop by and check this place out! It might be an alternative to our historic Boulder Dam Hotel here in the middle of town!

A lovely old hotel, loads of character, beautiful rooms and great food! When visiting, please be sure to go upstairs to the shops and art store!

Hope to see you there! I will be the one wandering around with the camera in hand! LOL Hugs Kat =^.^=

Southwest Diner Resturant!!

Hello Sunshines! Happy Monday! I had the pleasure of eating at one of the little places on our main highway into town the other evening with one of my dear friends! Southwest Diner, 761 Nevada Way, Boulder City NV 89005, 293-1537

Do you see how clean this town is! Very impressive considering we are a tourist town!

I would start to think I am a food critic, however, there is no criticizing here in our town, EVER!! Frankly I haven't had a bad meal anywhere in this town and I love that!

It is almost less expensive for me to eat out than to cook for myself sometimes! One cannot beat the prices here in town! Plus so good! So I treated myself to a home cooked meal, and was sure glad I did!

We had a lovely meal, thank you Tayna!, chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, cornbread, a rather large salad, homemade dressing and a drink! All for a great price, under $9.00, and the food was delis!

I will be going back very soon! After the flash flooding that day, working my booth at Goat Feathers and working in the store for a few hours we were ready for some grub!

The owner of this lovely eatery is a local herself, and has been in business for quite some time! She obviously knows her business! This restaurant is very clean, very unique with loads of character and the staff, very professional, the food, well, I can't say enough about it! It was wonderful!!!!!

The place was crowded too! Your water and ice tea are served in Mason jars! There was an old wringer washer sitting in the corner! Just a great place for conversation and total fun!

If you are ever visiting our fare little quaint town of Boulder City Nevada, please stop by and grab a bite! You will totally enjoy the lovely decor inside, and the chairs, tables and umbrellas outside!

Now that the weather is cooling somewhat, I cannot wait to go there for dessert and sit outside! The last one I had there was homemade cherry pie with ice cream!

I hope you enjoyed the pics! I am so sorry I didn't take a picture of the food, ( it kinda disappeared fast! LOL) but I will, soon! :) 

Since I moved here I am getting to know some of the locals, and all the little places to visit, one couldn't ask for a nicer place to live, with always the kindest and nicest folks around! Hugs and wishing you a great week! Kat =^.^=

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 911

Today I am heart sick for the tenth year. The terrible loss so uncalled for in any generation, in any Country. Troubled sleeping, eating, thinking back. I know where I was that day, do you?

I remember every detail that day. Do you? The faces, the horrific pictures. The sadness that overwhelmed me that day. The disbelief.  Do you? I know exactly where I was that day and the days that followed, trying to make sense of the horror that literally crushed so many lives that day and will continue until the end of time.

I went to the market for food the other day. A very tall gentleman standing at the entrance handed me a magnet, Always Remember 911.

As I walked through the store, my memory hit me like a ton of bricks. YES I remember every minute of that day and the days after. The total sadness that took me over. Unbelievable, the loss of life. The innocent, the children, Mothers and Fathers, Grandfathers, Grandmothers, rescue workers.

As I left the market, I stopped to speak to him, and remarked, no one should have to ask anyone to remember that day, I remember where I was, my thoughts, my heartbreak, the horror. We agreed, and chatted for a bit. My tears.

When I left, I said God Bless you Sir.

We, as a Country, can never forget that day, the hate. We must remember every single man, woman and child that lost their life that day, their friends, their family, their sons and daughters. We must hold them close, and pray for the ones left behind to live without them.

My heart goes out to the Country, those brave soles, heroes,  that rescued who they could. The ones that are now sick because of the contaminated air they breathed that day helping others. The brave, the strong, now the weary. Compassion.

God Bless them all. God Bless them. A sad day in our Country. We will never forget! My thoughts and prayers are always with them, not just today.

There are few things I am so passionate about, one is a strong tie to military family. The love of Country and to be so very proud and thankful every day for our Military men and women.

So today, I will be remembering our sad history on this day, quiet myself, pray for everyone and ask God to help protect us and keep us strong. For strong we are, strong we shall be, strong for our Country, and always remembering September 11th.

With much Love, Kat

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Good Tuesday Morning Sunshines!

Well, not sure where this Summer has gone? I've been so very busy editing and cleaning and stocking my booth at Goat Feathers and I haven't been posting much! I guess I've been taking a break!

Last minute dinner dates with friends, lots of laughing, and working at the store/booth sometimes takes more time than one thinks!

I hope everyone had a great Summer! It is still with us here in Boulder City, but we have thunderstorms, a little rain, and wind and lots of humidity, 61 per cent this morning at 0330! As you can see I was up very early today! Early mornings are my very favourite time of the day!

I am a weather watcher, always have been.  Sometimes that is always the one thing I bring up in a conversation! Not sure why, I just like it! I think when we stand barefoot on Mother Earth, on grass or dirt, we bond and ground ourselves.

It may sound weird, but when I sit on the front yard and meditate, I feel better for it. I find it peaceful and quiet.

When I was a kid, we always had a large yard in the back to run around in and a play area.  I can remember gravel and a swing set and yep falling in that gravel, LOL.  We had a homemade ping pong table too! Our Dad was always building something, the right way, and yes you couldn't move that table because of the size and the weight of it! But it was better, right? LOL

When I think of my Summers growing up, the things we were able to do, take a walk to the store for an ice cream or walk to the Library, I wonder if a lot of kids do that today. Since there are so many video games out there, I don't think they have much of an opportunity to be outside. Not sure if they want to be, which I find sad.  I love the fresh air, no matter how dirty it is, and taking walks, just being outside, watching the clouds and the birds.

My hope for you today is stop, go outside, get a much needed break or just a quick walk to re-charge and go forward with a different take. Look up, be thankful to be healthy and alive.  Believe me, it will clear your mind, refresh you, and you will feel better for sure.

Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Kat =^.^=