Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Say Hello to my Little Friend!

Well hello there! Say hello to my little friend! LOL
I sure can't do the Tony Montana, aka Scarface impersonation , screaming as I blast the door with my “little friend,” BTW a tremendous movie from 1983, and it's way to darn hot for that black jacket too, but I can stand in awe at Mother Nature and just look at this little being!

Are you ready for a photo shoot?
But this little guy, did I mention I love bugs and insects, from afar of course, unless they show up for just a perfect photo session, posing and all, early one morning!
I about died. I mused, must be someone I know., lol.

A long lost relative, maybe that old man friend, but definitely someone I used to know.

This little beauty, which I believe to be a “Yellow Winged DarterDragonfly, just stayed around me, hopping on things and it seemed to be looking at me! I think it wears those black goggles, sure looked like it. Or maybe he wanted a sip of my cuppa jo?

A curious little creature for sure.
Anyway, what a charmer, what a cutie, as insects go, wow, made my whole day. Thank you Lord!
Gorgeous colouring, actually stunning, I got close, it apparently didn’t mind either. The oranges and yellows on the tail, intricate, like it was hand painted. The face, there are no words to describe it. The wings were transparent and they did sparkle I'm sure for times when you need to go incognito! You could see through them as well.
As fast as it appeared and allowed me to take these, it left. I sure hope it visits again though, once you see something like that up close and personal, it is just again, Mother Nature at her finest.
Oddly enough, they don’t live around here, in these United States, so I'm not sure why it was in my yard but so glad it arrived and stayed awhile. With all the wildlife I get, I must have a little safe haven going on.
Lots of pictures, I just kept clicking as fast as I could! You should see all the blurry ones!
I hope you enjoy these, I sure did, like I said, it just made my day.

Summer Fun and Summer Not but so far this one is way fun!
 Xo Kat =^.^=

Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Smoothies, a new fave

Good morning!
Over the past couple of days, I've been playing with the blender. I love the blender for so many things but now, this is just the best on these darn hot summer dayz!
A new good morning for breakfast or brunch fave. Here is what I add,
1 frozen banana, cubed
a couple of frozen Vanilla Organic Yogurt "ice cubes"
3 regular ice cubes
handful of Organic blueberries
handful of Organic Raspberries/Strawberries
Organic Almond Milk rice or any nut milk
1 Tbsp of Organic Honey (option)
Pulse until thick and creamy, add more liquid if needed
will make enough for two, but I put it all in a one quart Ball jar with a straw and there you go. Another option is dehydrated kale chips; teaspoon of chia seeds and a teaspoon of flax seeds. Get your veggies on the go and you really don't taste them.

I just finished one.

It is filling, it is sweet, but a good healthy sweet and I'm full until dinner, which is late evenings during these triple digit days.

Have fun experimenting! xo Kat =^.^=

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer in the Garden

Boulder Dam Cottage June 2014
 My Summer in the desert!
I was surprised when these beauties popped up! I had thrown a handful of old seed packets in my little corner out front wondering if anything would surface!
They did, in all their glory!
Various sunflowers, the colours are vivid, stunning and the camera does not do justice!
The wind was blowing each day I took these, hard to get them to stop waving at me.
Sunflowers, multiple colours, hollyhocks, succulents, Lavender oh my!
This is the progression, over a couple of weeks. I can't stop taking pictures of these gorgeous flowers. They are just so beautiful and the colours, you have to be in front of them to appreciate! Stunning just stunning! Mother Nature at her finest! I take pics daily lol!
Triple digits are starting again tomorrow, factor in daily wind at 25 to 30 so they will not last. The birds are having a blast and I'm having fun just drinking my coffee and watching the show. Even the hummingbirds love these cuties.
I am slowing down this Summer, taking it easier, enjoying the little things, the things that make me happy,
Mr. sun, bare feet, bathing suits, ice tea and of course, the garden.

Fresh Lavender from my backyard hangs in the foyer.

Hello Sunshine!

Boulder Dam Cottage Summer 2014


Lots more pictures will be posted as these beauties progress. They are getting so tall and the wind is beating them up.
Have a wonderful week,
xo Kat =^..^=
PS I am having trouble receiving emails lately and uploading pictures with Blogger. I wonder if anyone else is having difficulty?

Friday, June 6, 2014

It's Party Time! Where Bloggers Create July12th 2014!

Where Bloggers Create
Hello everyone and happy Friday! Just a quick post to announce the "Where Bloggers Create" 
 July 12th 2014 party! Last year was a  B L A S T !
Once again, thank you Karen  at My Desert Cottage, for hosting! I met so many of you at the last gathering, learned so much, and wow what inspiration!
Should be another fun filled fest this year! I cannot wait!  I still have my "fashion wearhouse" aka the garage, at 106 deg this afternoon you can bet I am in the house in the new "craft room" working on something special, and I cannot wait to show you all, but, let me clean up a bit! lol
The announcement above is also on my sidebar to link to,  so we all won't forget the date!
Have a wonderful weekend!  See you at the party!!
xo Kat =^.^-

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Three years later, From Chanty Love to Terrarium Revisited

Well hello! Strolling in the yard I was checking out these Terrariums I made way back in June of 2011. The original post here.
Wow, they have stood the test of time, they have been outside in and under a patio all this time.  I guess that really says something for the chandeliers themselves and the E-6000 glue I utilized to attach the wrought iron bases.

The little tea cups were also glued on two small clay pots for height.  They are a little worn but love the patina and crazing they have now.  I love the character. 

There was one that didn't last however, the base came off, but I still have some more glue so will be repairing that one soon.
I just recently re-planted this one with some succulents.  The little moss plant has lasted all this time and her roots cover most of the bottom but there was just enough room to add some little pieces from the garden, a little pinch start here and more little handfuls of dirt!

I got dirty nails! lol

This was one of the largest, now over-grown, very heavy, I frankly cannot lift it, and he sits proudly in full sun!
The birds love the water in the cup so I try and keep it filled at all times.  The little hummingbirds will sit a top the cup too, so darn cute.

I use this as my little test garden, sticking in pieces of everything to see if they grow.

This one is also a large size, planted with one plant of the tiny ivy. She has taken over! Same plant from way back. Ivy is a hardy little thing.
By the way I only use Miracle Grow, dirt and the time released fertilizer.  I credit this stuff to my green thumb up to my elbow, lol. Miracle Grow has been my go to everything garden for almost forty years! I swear by it.

The "stained glass window" sits atop the table and behind the planter. I made this for
my dear Mother, who had hung it in her dining room window, so the light would filter through it each afternoon.

Then it was a new old window, much more colourful, clear and hung with a gold chain from a swag lamp.
 Just before she passed she asked me to take it back, so I did.  It's been inside and out and all over, but I like it in the garden the best now.

It has weathered well and I will keep it in the garden till it falls apart. It is on it's way, broken glass and all, but stands for part of my heart in the garden.

Little coloured stones, I think from Big Lots garden section, fills the place where the candles used to be.  Since it is so hot here, we are now in the triple digits, candles are out of the question, and you really cannot see the chandy "arms" anymore the plants have covered them up!

Maybe I will have to get the little cutters out!

I made these at my last home. It was a task to get them here to quaint little cottage in one piece, but they made it!

I hope you enjoyed the re-visit! I enjoyed looking to see if
 and how everything was holding together!

Surprise for me!

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week.