Friday, May 31, 2013

Blue Water Friday

Love looking at the water when the sun is so bright, but it is getting hot now, next week will be triple digits too!

I love the teal blue.

So many different shades.

Hoping you have a wonderful weekend! kat =^.^=

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Haute Couture and Runway show featuring The Three Amigos!

These three are atop the teal ottoman with their handmade haute couture serapes designed by Karen, master sewer, designer and one loved so much by these three babies!
Their hats were found especially for each one! They had to match!
The Amigos send "amar" to their Karen! They love her so much!
Pictures above are from left to right,
Tucker Blackburn, (Tucker B) Tippy Toe, (Tip) and Mr Parker, (Mr P), the leader of the pack!
Yeah that's right! I'm in CHARGE! And don't ya forget it! :)
Sure sure!!!


Mom, like this pose! I'm almost off this darn ottoman so I can RUN AWAY! lol
One handsome Amigo! don't you think????
Tip, you look FABULOSO in your pepper scarf! Such a handsome boy!
Lets sing "Cielito lindo" ay ay ay ayyyyyyyyyyy "I'll start it!" as Tip takes center stage!!
Let her RIP boys! I'm listenin! :)


Bow your head Mr. Tip! Show off that hat!
Tip, change into that preppy sweater young man! "Oh I look GOOD MOMACITA!"


Next Tucker B models the sweater! The smallest of the Amigos! Good job man!
This will be the first of a few Runway shows! Hope you enjoyed my boys!
Director, Kat =^.^=
Fashion Designer, Karen
Mr Tip
Tucker B
Mr P
We thank you! Adios and Good night!
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Monday, May 27, 2013

Music Tuesday! Evolution of Dance - by Judson Laipply

Music AND Dance! This guy is great! :) =^.^=

Remembering this Memorial Day 2013 in Boulder City Nevada

Friday, May 24, 2013

Full Moon week and the Wind! Oh my!

Morning Sunshines! It has certainly been a wild week here in my quaint little town! And  how can I say that I am so done with the wind!  My allergies are pretty much keeping me inside again today and I love being out playing in the garden! So I ran out (anyway) and took some pics for you!

I love the texture of things, whether it be fabric, garden or just anything that has that neat feel to it!

Happy Friday! hugs =^.^=

some misc "toppers" I painted and shabbied up for over the doors in my hallway!
thinking about my home, I guess I will "always" be "under construction" in one form or another, otherwise I would have to sell and get something else to work on! :)

this would be my 1940s up cycled wood couch covered up due to the nasty gusts up to 40 mph this week! Can you imagine the dust and the dirt! :) At least it is under the covered patio! lol

lavender fields forever, The Beatles! love them!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Memorial Day weekend! Honor all our Military Men and Women!

Honor all our Military Men and Women.....everyday!
While you enjoy your days off from work, enjoying your family, please remember all our Military that have given the ultimate gift to all of us, the gift of freedom, to us and our country and to those that currently serve, everyday, that will not be with their families this weekend or in the days ahead.
Please say a prayer of thanks and ask for their protection and that they come home safe and soon to their loved ones!
Having retired a couple of years ago and having worked with the Military for three decades, I come away with an enormous amount of respect and admiration! Their job is not an easy task by any means.
 "They" are a huge loyal "extended" loving family that welcome and truly care about you and whomever they work and live with, no matter where that "place" may be.
I really cannot say enough, and I really do think of them everyday.
My sincere hope is that you and your family will as well. Because if not for them, we would not have the freedoms that we sometimes take for granted!
Wishing you and yours a safe weekend. 
Here are a few pics taken this morning in the garden. 

have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend! Always remembering, honoring our military this coming Memorial Day and everyday!

with love, kat =^.^=

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sewing Machine Cabinets and one lonely end table

almost done! Stage one and two!


hurry up and dry please!

large older weathered sewing machine cabinet!

here comes the wind!

first coat!

standard sewing machine cabinet

lovely mid century piece
Hi! Here are some pictures of my latest project!

It seems I never do only one thing at a time, who knew, so I have taken on three little pieces to up cycle and will be using in my home.

I said I would never paint in the heat again, but here I go again! Trying to get these pieces done before the heat arrives! Last week 100 degrees and it is only May!

The first is tall standard sewing machine table, the second is an end table and the third is the larger sewing cabinet.

The standard sewing machine table and the end table will be stacked, will take pics of that when in place. I have a third piece, already white, that will be the top of the two tables. They will fit in a small corner of my studio office. I can't wait to show you how this will fit!

The larger sewing cabinet will be for my new "where I create" area!

These pieces shown are the before and during. The final pics will be posted later today.

I paint with my own recipe of chalk paint, sand and seal with furniture or paste wax. Will link to the products as well.

I got so excited yesterday, the weather was nice, not too hot so I could get these done, I let them dry completely overnight and I'm getting ready to go out back and sand and wax. be continued.....................................:)

Hi there! I finished, in the wind! Oh my allergies! but, I am so very happy with the outcome! Here are some final pictures and the paste wax and sander I utilized, I highly recommend them!

Minwax Paste Wax
And from Lowes, Porter cable hand sander!

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