Friday, June 17, 2016

Hi there, just got the "THE" email from Karen Valentine over at My Desert Cottage about the date of the new 2016 Where Bloggers Create party, 15th of July.

 I will be have a button on the side bar, as in years past, for you to click on to read about it and hopefully participate. Please read her rules, because they are lovely, kind and wonderful. Meaning, that your current space doesn't have to be this big pretty place, it can be your corner of your home, a place that you find joy and where you enjoy creating! 

It could be the kitchen table or a she shed out back, no matter, please think about sharing! We make so many new friends that way, see how they have created something new or a new storage idea, it is just fun! Hope to see you there! 

My space is still and will always be a work in progress! I am laughing because you can step into my room and twirl and that is about it! It is PACKED, but I do not care, it is one of my happy spaces! The other is my she shed, aka The Studio, out back and I just smile in there. Not lately though, at triple digit temps, it is hard to stay in there for very long lol! Enjoy your rest of June! It has sure gone by fast! Yes?????      

until next time.................... =^.^=

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Veterans Memorial Park in Beautiful Boulder City Nevada Walkabout.......

Hi and welcome to Veterans Memorial Park in beautiful clean and green Boulder City, Nevada.  I live in this little village, township, such a quaint little town, just outside Las Vegas and Henderson and am blessed.

 If you plan a visit, plan for the day. So much to do, see, look at, quaint little shoppes, picnic and just relax. Every eatery in town is fantastic! Not a bad one in the bunch! I am thankful and grateful for each day I get to spend traveling around my little village, and this year of 2016, I plan on sharing some of our favorite places. 

This year, I have again opened a little vintage booth. Because I am a junker and treasure hunter I found I missed it so much.  I quit for a couple of years and learned that a dear one, her husband and her sister opened up a new place this past January. Wonderful people, lovely fun peaceful place with great vibes. 

I have posted on Bella Marketplace on the blog. So if you have a chance to "get away for a day".....or better still, our city motto...... "a world away in a day"......stop in! 

These beautiful pictures of one of our Parks was taken June 2016, enjoy! 

Warning......very long post, tons of pictures, just want you to get an idea of how lovely this is, fishing, sitting, reading, writing, playing, picnic, cycling, skateboarding, tennis, volley ball, kiddo water park, tables,shade, softball, BBQ, party and the best peace and quiet, not to mention the views! So get ready, set, here we go.....
until next time.........=^.^=