Wednesday, November 6, 2013

edit, edit, edit

Good morning! It is just another beauty of a day and the sun is shining in! I cannot wait to get outside and "hit it!" lol
While editing is a whole lotta work, it is nice to see what we have and if we really need it!
It is  a want and a need thing at this point! Lessons learned. Lighten the load.
Here is a big secret! I really think I would be happy living in a loft type environment! Small doll house type living quarters, very shabby chic,  and a large place to create! :) yep I would! With a really really big table! :)
This little cutie will be out for the cottage sale! I love how this vintage Bistro table turned out! Thank you Mr D!
She is such high quality, I call it the "Palms Springs Vintage" look! Heavy strapping on the seats and heavy chairs, "Dean Martin and Frankie Sinatra"  would have had these at their Palm Springs, California  pool area! lol 

I've re-potted some of the larger plants out in the back 40! haha If I can get her out front, sale sale cottage sale callin her name! :)
While I love all my beautiful things, I have other interests now like sewing, creating painting art and upcycling furniture, stuff like that.
I want to play with all my fabrics, feel the textures and make bags and purses, aprons, quilts and now I'm learning how to crochet! Thank you girls! :)
So where does one begin?
baby steps and a list!
Still working on the cottage vintage sale and gathering! Every day is like Christmas! :)
Have a wonderful Wednesday! xo kat =^.^=

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