Monday, November 4, 2013

Crisp November Morn

Good Monday morning! It's November, it's crisp, and just a beautiful day ahead!
After much thought, and I mean a lot, downsizing is the path I am on now.
Planning a rather large extravaganza event just before the Thanksgiving weekend, shopping and the lovely local shows here in my quaint little town, I have decided to let this little girl go, along with about four other very vintage and antique "all working" Singer Sewing Machines from my personal collection.
There I've said it! Wow! That was hard :)
Anyway I will be posting more pictures soon, and stand by for the announcement on the "cottage sale" event and show! If you want a sneak peak of my things on the local Las Vegas Craigslist, type in the search bar; search 555-8888
The event will be BIG, FUN, and planning that the weather will cooperate as well! :)
Have a wonderful week! xo kat =^.^=

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