Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Fall Saturday

Good morning everyone!
It's going to be a beautiful day, wind and all! Hint: Never say the "w" word around a golfer! lol
I will be finalizing all the set up staging in the FW for the upcoming Vintage Cottage Chic show next weekend! Maybe I will be able to find the dining table, the hallway and the door to the garage! What a mess I make! But I am like a five year old with the crafts :) Am I alone here? Let me know! lol
It is getting scary getting closer to the days! But going to be fun non the less :)
The weather has been beautiful, almost 80 degrees here in quaint little town and I'm still wearing sandals and short sleeve tops and thank you Lord for the low utility bill this month! :)
It's a Garden Cottage today, roses are blooming and all the plants are loving the cooler weather as well, you can see it! From 117 deg to 80 ish, they are thriving and growing now.
Have a great day! xo kat

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