Friday, April 29, 2011

My Year of First's in BC - Spring Jam, the day before!

Hi it's the day before Spring Jam, my FIRST Spring Jam, busy busy bees around here to include me! SO, made something just for me, thats quick and easy, really takes no time to make!

Sharing "Acini de Pepe" pasta (cold dish) delis!

Here is the basic recipe, this pasta can be used as a base for many dishes! It is quick! I hope you like it!

One package of Acini de Pepe pasta
about 4 green onions finely chopped
fresh parsley, finely chopped, add as much as you like or cilantro maybe?
fresh ground pepper and kosher salt
1 large tomato, I take the seeds out so not to add more liquid to the dish but you decide :P
1/2 English cucumber finely chopped (no waxy skin!)
3 stalks of celery finely chopped
1 red bell pepper finely chopped
a few cloves of garlic (optional)
Italian "zesty" dressing

After cooking the pasta, I rinse under cold water, use a smaller strainer, or you may lose the pasta! It's small! Add your chopped ingredients and the dressing, mix together, pop in the fridge and let the flavors meld together! Delis! Use along side a burger, bun or no bun! LOL Wa Laaaaaaaaaaaaaa! lo-cal!

Now for some preview pics at Goat Feathers and our quaint city :P Enjoy, I'm off do some last minute Spring stuff! :P Hugs Kat

Judy's new purse selections! I think that Fleur de lis ooh la la one, on the floor, might have to go home with me! oui oui!! and some of her other booth items!
This was ME today! Lovely 80 years young lady makes these dolls, they have SO much character! I love them all!

My booth is 20 per cent off until 2 May! Happy Shopping!
Some Zelda Fognozzle's
Lovely vintage dress with beautiful bead work and a lovely beige aged color!

Niki and James, he takes beautiful pictures!

Garylene's booths

Sarah Jane's booths

John, lots of LP's!

Vicky's new things!
Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! Do some fun stuff!!! Hugs Kat

Thursday, April 28, 2011

For the Love of Iris!

Hi, short and sweet, between all my organizing and getting ready for Spring Jam in BC this weekend, I had to just STOP! and look at my beautiful Iris's. Sharing, seems the dark musty red rust color is a new one on me! Not sure where this came from because it did not bloom last year but lucky me! It is just so vivid and the camera does NOT do it justice! Have a good evening! Stayin up late to watch the Royal Wedding!!! Hugs Kat :P

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Jam! Goat Feathers!!! Are you ready for some FUN!

This weekend is Spring Jam in Boulder City NV! Vintage treasures will be found everywhere, especially at Goat Feathers! We are all getting ready for the big weekend, lots of fun, and a huge sidewalk sale too! Lots of vintage, antique and shabby stuff! It is all so pretty! Tons of EYE CANDY!

Karen at Periwinkle Cottage 503 Hotel Plaza, is having a moving sale too! She will be re-locating around the corner, to 527 Avenue B, by 1 June! You will have to be sure to stop by and say hello and look at all her beautiful things; candles, Betsy Johnson handbags and lots of lotions and soaps, the shop always smells so good!

Hope everyone is having a good week! I am organizing and finding things! It is SO much fun!

Hugs Kat

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Thought of the Day!

If you stepped on a grape.....would you hear a little whine?

Hope everyone is having a great start up day!
Hugs, Kat

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I did! I am so very blessed! I spent some time with dear friends and family! Hoping you all have a great week! And remember, one of my favorite sayings! It makes me STOP sometimes before I speak! LOL

Wisdom has two parts 1 Having a lot to say, 2 And not saying it.

Hugs, Kat
PS I LOVE the Graphics Fairy!
Thank you for this Family Picture!!! :P Enjoy

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Goat Feathers!!!!!

Goat Feathers! Well that is where I have my booth! I always wanted one and thanks to some new friends and mentors, I do! THANK YOU GUYS! I so appreciate all of the feedback and direction! I could not have started this without you!
So a little about this place! Doc, the owner, told me that the name Goat Feathers came from his childhood! It was a place he went to all the time, to eat! Basically, the name came from another term, "horse feathers" when someone was pullin your leg or tellin a long tall story, well "Goat Feathers" was planted in "his" mind and turned into this wonderful place, 1300 Wyoming Street in quaint little Boulder City Nevada, 89005, just behind the historic Boulder City Hotel. We are located about 20 minutes from Las Vegas, and our city motto is, "A World Away in a Day."

Goat Feathers used to be the Boulder Dam Laundry when they were building the dam. est 1948. It is a whopping 8000 square feet of fun fun fun! You can stay in there all day, and still not see everything! He and his manager, Cheryl has done an awesome job of picking antiques and history and placing it just so to wrap you up and it takes you back to when you grew up!

Kitchen cleaning things, BonAmi, old time wash boards, old laundry tubs, you name it it's there! I lose myself in there! There is old time candy, and soda pops in bottles! Rock Candy on the stick, the wax bottle candy, remember those! WOW! Everywhere you walk you listen to 40' 50' 60' music and black and white tv programs playing everywhere. If you peeked in you might see me dancin to TEQUILA! LOL, I'm sorry to keep saying this, but it is a BLAST and just an AWESOME place to visit again and again as it is a living place, keeps changing on a daily basis!

Last Tuesday, 19 April 2011, we had a potluck and I got to meet some of the vendors. What a great bunch! We had wonderful food, of course I had seconds! OH MY! Now I need recipes! Maybe a Goat Feathers Potluck Recipe Book is in the offing?

The manager Cheryl, and the owner Doc and all the vendors are just wonderful! I really feel at home there! I've made some nice friends, so thank you Doc, Cheryl, Niki, Judy, Sarah Jane, Vicky,Cherie and Garylene, just to name a few! You guys are the BEST!

I hope you all find something in the following pics that make you smile! I did! We have the "Crystal Wizard" Don, who is the glass blower, Cherie, who has beautiful dolls, antique dresses and jewelry; Vicky, who can SEW up a storm and has a wonderful variety of unique antique items also! Garylene,jewelry and antiques; Niki and her husband photographer, wow is all I can say, and Zelda Fognozzles you will see the picture! Wonderful items for the log home decor group, red kitchen wares, girlie things, tons of fun!

If you ever get a chance to stop by the quaint town of Boulder City Nevada, please stop in at Goat Feathers! Everyone is getting ready to celebrate Easter Sunday, but next weekend, April 30-May 1, 2011, is Spring Jamboree Antique Show, Escalante Park, South of Old Town Boulder City, Featuring Restored Original Pedal Cars from Back in Thyme Antiques. A good time should be had by all!

I wish you and yours a Happy Easter! Hugs, Kat

And these are of my own booth :P