Wednesday, February 27, 2013

a mouse in the house!

morning Sunshines! a mouse in the house! well maybe not a cute "rat" like Ratatouille! but a

rat nonetheless! yikes!

as I sit here, I am giggling so! apparently my Sis has a "rat in the greenhouse!"

we are trying our hands at container gardening working out well until she visited hers and

all the tomatoes were eaten down to the stub!

needless to say I actually rolled as she told the story about  the "rat in the greenhouse" that is

eating everything she has! she was sending before and after pics as well so sad, but

suffice to say rather hysterical! so much so I had to change my clothes after our conversation!

we then decided it was a "gang" ( any more than three) and that the party had commenced

apparently with her delis looking tomatoes! at that time around 8 of them! well

now she keeps watch! and is sending me random pictures like this from our

just gorgeous seed catalogue, R. H. Shumway's

do you think this will take care of that rat? my reply, uh dunno probably will invite

him to join the party!

she even sat the container way up on top of a chair, they (he) got up there too!

well maybe I should get one of these, Sis are you kidding me!
the scariest one being this next one! sorry about the sideways pic!

oh I worry,for the rat not her, she is mad, m.a.d. lol as she will get her "ratman"

a determined woman! look out Ratatouille! as she so affectionately named him! :)

good luck Sis! I hope you win!

in the meantime sending her a nice recipe! of course she will have to got to market to get the

tomatoes for this one, but it looks good! don't you think!enjoy Sunshines! and

happy Wednesday! kat =^.^=

Monday, February 25, 2013

homekeeping handbook Martha does it again!

ok, it's not like I haven't been keeping house and home for, lets say, a ton of years, but this book by Martha is just too good not to have around for reference.

Bravo Martha! Another great one! Tons of info, fabulous tips, not to mention just gorgeous pictures.  It is a must have for sure, check it out at the local library first to make sure. It runs about $28 or so, well worth it.

a whopping 744 pages, Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook, The Essential Guide

to Caring for Everything in your Home, 2006 covers all aspects of homekeeping. 

this would, of course, be a great book or gift for a newlywed or that "seasoned homemaker" like

kat =^.^=

the last Monday of February!

hello Sunshines, wow February went by in a flash! yes?

and this! is how I not only look today, but this is how I feel! lol

out in the sun! wo hooooooo! cleaning out the dead part of the gardens, before the weather

changes again!

our weather is strange, cold, hot, a little rain, then real windy! oh well, I know I'm not

alone here leaving you with some garden pics, hope you have a wonderful

week!  hugs kat =^.^=

 .........the weather ....inside the garage!'t ask!.... little hummer just outside the kitchen window!....

 ..........cauliflower!............who knew!..... thinks broccoli!...... those little faces.................

....the flowers.....such vivid colours! them!...............hugs........