Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Prokofiev, Romeo & Juliet, Dance of the Knights No.13

Hi and good morning! Happy Wednesday! This is my main man above! Long sword down, he is my protector! I have had him a while, and love him to death! 

Cooler weather is upon us once again mid 60 degrees, but my plants and I are so enjoying this! The sun is up and birds are singing! Corney but, it's gonna be a good day!

I have been asked, long ago, the title of the song on the Hoover Dam Bridge project, linked at the top right sidebar of my blog. I love how they did that video on the building of the Hoover Dam Bridge project and I never knew what it was until now. It is a classical piece, stunning, I absolutely love it, and here it is. 

It is from Prokofiev, Romeo and Juliet, Dance of the Knights No 13. I finally found it on You Tube, and have linked below for your listening pleasure this morning. So glad I found it. Now if I could only figure out how to Embed it, again, that would be great! When you don't blog for a while things get stale and apparently things change! Who knew! So here are a couple of links, at least I found it! :)

Hope you have an enjoyable remainder of the week! Time fly's doesn't it! 

Hugs, Kat =^.^=

Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Story of Paradise and my Garden Spot at Community Gardens Boulder City Nevada

Hi! Hope you all are doing wonderful! March is already here, I always called it Crazy March because of the winds and such. Well it poured rain last night, 30 mph winds all day, the backyard is yellow with pollen, but, I am doing the happy dance because I finally after years of waiting, have my own little garden spot at our Boulder City Community Gardens!

This is it, above, when I went to view it. Behind this brush and dead debris were two rose bushes. I got them out, lots of roots, very long armed roots. One slipped away from me, the smaller off shoot, but the other, after sitting in a partial bucket of water for a couple of weeks, has been planted at my house in a gray pot. The poor little thing held on, the weather took a turn for the worse yet again, and I was just too cold to go out there and plant her.

Here is where you might want to get the Kleenex box, or if you are a believer in signs, you will completely understand and sigh, what a lovely story, and that I was supposed to hear this.

Here goes. The lady that had this plot before me, lost her sister at a young age. She and her parents planted the two roses at the end of her garden plot in her sister's honor. Her sister's name was "Paradise."

Paradise now, has little bits of new life all over her in the pot I planted her in. Back to the garden plot, and how I learned of this story, you know if you are supposed to learn or understand something, the universe will send the message, you just have to listen.

Last week, I ran into another gardener up at the spots, I met the year before. We were chatting about the spot, as she knows the lady that had it, and I was telling her how much I had to turn over and amend the soil and how I hoped things would grow, it was fun, found a ton of worms, thankfully, and oh BTW, the two roses, one made it the other did not, and I love the one that made it and it is doing fine, I finally got her planted in her own pot!

She looked at me, a little shocked, and then began to tell me the story of Paradise, that this rose was planted in her honor, that the young woman lost her life very young and on and on. I got chills behind my neck and my hair stood on end.

She said, well, I know that rose will not die and continued on. I said I will send you pictures to send to the previous gardener letting her know that her sister's rose is growing and that I will care for it and send more updated pictures if she wishes. I did, she sent them to the family. What a lovely gesture they did for their family member, touching. 

Here are the pictures I sent, Paradise is in the gray pot, I can see her from my kitchen window, she gets the afternoon sun and she has a lovely view of the sunset every evening. This is how I planted her before I knew of her story. Odd isn't it. But I do love roses. Wish me luck keeping this beauty going. I will be posting pictures when she blooms, and also sending to the family.

I was so touched to hear this story and I am equally happy that I can keep this little rose alive and well. I will do my best, that's for sure. Here are the pics, and I will be posting more of the little garden soon. I have already been able to have a few salads from it already! So grateful!

Thank you for stopping by! I cannot blog as much as I would like, I have many irons in the fire that keep me so busy, and loving every minute of it! But I will be back, when I can.....Take care, Kat