Saturday, November 2, 2013

Well Good Morning November!


 Good morning November! Wow you arrived in a hurry and I'm not really ready for you just yet! The cooler weather is welcome, the crisp sharpness in the morning is something I always loved, thanks to my beautiful Mother!
I remember she would get up really early, open all the windows, put on her bulky knit sweater and have that cup of coffee in the quiet of the morn, alone in the kitchen!
I remember always, always, that beautiful smile, first thing! I miss you Mom!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, had a great Halloween, and enjoying this beauty of a day!
I have a "to do list" today, the written word, 4 things will get done, then tonight we "gain" that hour we lost back!
Remember to turn the clocks back!
Spring ahead, Fall behind! xo Kat =^.^=

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