Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Sprung Surprising Special Sunday!

Good morning sunshines! Spring is in the air and everything is a bloom!
I'm loving to sit on the veranda and watch the birds! Won't you join me! Take some quiet time for yourself today. And, yes, this is the house of flowers :)
Have a wonderful day and upcoming week! xo Kat


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Welcome Sunday...

Hi and welcome, but wind wind go away! I'm laughing, I've got that wind blown look, thank goodness for short hair! Another cooler and up to 40 gusts day ahead, I will be playing inside with fabric and crayons! Shut up and colour! My mantra this day.
Of course I planted some little ones, and they are probably blowing away as well. I swear never to plant in March, due crazy March winds, and I did it again this year! I never learn, lol.  I just needed a little colour out there.........oh well, I hope they survive.

So now, I'd would like to introduce you to a couple of new friends.

Meet Junior...

A very handsome and loving little Bearded Dragon!
He is a baby and was chomping at the bit to get out of the cage at the pet store! Lemmmme out! Take me home! lol What a personality! Well...........enough said. did I mention I love bugs and also reptiles! (no snakes though)

Here is Bumble Bee.................

What a character! A rather large water loving turtle! He likes to come see you when you approach his tank. Check out his nails! wow Little fishies in the background, dinner!

Happy Sunday everyone, we are blowing away again up here and I can actually see the yellow pollen drifting in the breeze!
Coffee and a colouring book, calling my name lol............oh and the Kleenex box!
xo Kat

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sweet Little Antiques

Good morning and welcome!
Welcome to crazy March and the wind here in the desert! Trees are sideways lately, dust dust dust and wow what a ride! Wonder what the April fools will bring!
Iris is back again this year! Parts of her were on the ground, forty miles an hour winds.

Isn't she pretty! All the plants bloom each day. Mr. Bearded purple has just disappeared again, he was a beauty.

Gathering and finding my vintage toy collections. Here are a few pictures of this cute little puzzle. I love these pictures, so sweet. Will be listing soon in the Etsy stores, among other goodies. Lots of organizing goin on.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! xo Kat

Sharing Ms Iris and this cute little nostalgic puzzle for Show and Tell Friday over at My Romantic Home.......

Monday, February 24, 2014

A new location and name! from The Painted Parlor to Re-Store-logy!

Well hi there, things are hoppin in the quaint little town, along with  me, lol always movin and shakin most of the time with sewing machine or paint brush in hand!  I have the nesting bug and am re-decorating my place, again! I will forever and always be "under-construction" and I love it that way!

With the most recent closing of quaint little towns beloved Goatfeathers, wow what a shocker, there is a new and just lovely store just around the corner now! Well not new but a new name and location, I am loving it!

It used to be The Painted Parlor up on the main highway, but now with a new location and name,

1320 Wyoming, boulder city nv 89005
(702) 244-0388
open 7 days a week too!

Congratulations on both! :)

Pam, owner of The Painted Parlor, moved her place over to Wyoming, in a darling (walking downtown ) area with display out front and a welcoming vintage and antique atmosphere inside. 

Along with rows of antique and vintage places to visit just off the main drag, you will find more beautiful hand painted furniture and treasures from long ago here in her store.

Here is a really nice photo display of the store, you can actually "walk around" before you visit!  Technology! Wow is all I can say, very neat!

She is now offering, are you ready.......her own brand of paint, wonderful colours too. Not to mention great prices on everything!

Spring is upon our quaint little town, a bit early, and I wait for the next cold front really, like rain next weekend, but non the less the flowers and gardens are sprouting around here, so it is a lovely time to get out and come up for a visit!  Like they say, "a world away for the day" yep that's our quaint little "walking" town.

Be sure to visit her new digs on Wyoming and say hi to Pam! She has layaway, great prices, and I love the location! Walk around the corner for lunch and be sure to bring your truck or a large trailer when you stop in! Merchandise changes daily! She is on Face Book here.

Pictures of the store here

have a great day!

xo Kat =^.^=

Friday, January 3, 2014

Chandelier Love, updated chain wrap

Good morning! Chandelier love and oh so frugal me!
This year, I will be "shopping" at my house! Get my drift? If you are like me you probably have things around the house that you can utilize and never thought of it or had the time.
I had made strips of fabric a while back, tea dyed them and stamped on them for tie backs and such.  I had some blank muslin strips as well, so.....

You know Ballard's, and all those beautiful online places that charge an arm and a leg for stuff? I love love love Ballard's but  I just cannot afford it, being retired, so I decided to make my own "hanging chandelier cover" to cover up that bronze chain and ceiling hardware that I have had to look at for a long time. I felt it drew my eye up to the ceiling with the bronze colour.
I lightly wrapped several layers of the strips, three at once, around the chain and just tucked it in the ends for easy removal and washing when they get dusty. I also painted out the hardware on the ceiling! I wanted that creamy beige look with no darkness. 
I love how it turned out, happy now :) What do you think?
On to the next! Small projects look out! :) xo Kat
Happy days to you! xo