Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Jamboree in Boulder City NV

Good morning Sunshines! Tomorrow is the "one-th" of May! May Day May Day!

It also is the week before the fabulous, exciting and wonderful fun Spring Jam here in BC! If you are lucky enough to live close, please plan to come for the weekend! Great fun! I've attached the schedule! Lots, no TONS of stuff to do and fun will be had by all.

I will be there with camera in hand! Car show is the best! A blast from the past!

All of our establishments in our little township are at the ready! Bloom is bursting with new "bloomies" chic designs, unique furniture and salvage decor! They are also having a wonderful raffle! Check out their FB, link attached!

Sherman's House of Antiques has over the top treasures and antiques.  Treasure hunt anyone?

There is a new store up on the highway too! The name is "Alos Attic."

Chris and his wife, Magela, are having a blast furnishing the store!  I introduced myself and asked if I could do a post on their store soon, yes, so I cannot wait to get there and take some pictures to share.

He is very passionate about the new store, he shared he so enjoys the treasure hunting. I asked about the history of why he opened this store and he said I am following in my Father's footsteps! The store is large and beautifully decorated, lots of things to see, just lovely. Plan on staying for a while! They are just a lovely couple!

Roadwork is taking place here in our quaint little town, so if you wish to stop at Chris and Magela's place, Alos Attic, there is parking in the rear of the building. They are located next to the
Southwest Diner, a great place to chow down by the way! Very quaint and country atmosphere, not to mention the food is excellent!

Goat Feathers and Goat Feathers Too have stocked the store to the brim with new time gone by antiques, kitchen wares, vintage Pyrex, dishes, and Christmas lives upstairs too! The original Goat Feathers building used to be the Boulder Dam Laundry, and washed all of the workers clothes that built Hoover Dam back in the 1930's. The building is original and is 8,000 sf of pure fun!

Just round the corner from Cristina's Treasures on Wyoming is The Big Bash! Sweet store, just lovely! Lisa also has an Etsy Store for those that can't visit in person!

Our  parks are so green clean and just pristine!  The weather will be devine! mid to upper 80's! Wear your walkin shoes! :) Hope to see you there! Have a great week Sunshines!

Hugs, Kat =^.^=

to be continued............................. :)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Garden Party

Good morning Sunshines! It is a garden party in my backyard! The last of the beautiful Iris and behold, clematis! A lovely velvety delicate fragile little flower, this beauty returns each year. A traveler, a connector, it latches on to my antique iron fence and stares at me! I love it. Vivid purple!

A new shipment had "just" arrived at Lowes, so I grabbed these very healthy little baby succulents! They will be so pretty in my old vintage coca cola box don't you think? Will share a pic or two when done........

Have a wonderful Sunday of rest! hugs Kat =^.^=

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Paint, Dance, Sing, Dance, Edit, Dance FINISH! Happy Dance soon!

Hello Sunshines! Happy Wednesday!
Major decision! This summer, painting the house, the rooms, editing. I know, I’ve said it before; however, yesterday (Tuesday, early) I did start!

At 0930! Did paint the entryway, the Library (awaiting arrival of Library Chairs with new clothes in a couple of weeks) AND the kitchen.
I am also doing a mini makeover (if that is ever possible) in my little quaint kitchen. This is becoming a little “farm kitchen.”

I am removing a "few" of the cupboards, yikes! (what am I doing! I will HAVE to be NEATER now! lol) and changing out the lighting a bit. And of course painting. Big endeavour for me! BUT I have decided that this is the summer project, in addition to fixing my little abode.

My father taught us all about "preventative maintenance" so I have to bring it up to my standards! :) You know how it is.

Here is one big problem! Have to do two coats of this new paint I decided to try!
Clark and Kensington paint and primer I got at Ace Hardware.

Well, not happy! Not happy at all! I will finish my rooms, but will not (EVER) use that paint again. It was way expensive and I got four gallons! Way too many issues for a woman who has been painting and wallpapering most of her adult life!

Sorry Clark and Kensington! You do not have a good review from me  :( ;long drying time, very sticky, drags if not completely dry, boggled down brush, smells really bad, I think I got high! I started singing Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit!

OoooooooKkkkkkkkkk DO U HAVE THE VISUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“One pill makes you larger aaaaaaaaaaaaand one pill makes you smalllllllllllllll and the ONE that Mother givvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvves you doesn’t do anythinggggggggggg atttttttttt allllllllllllllllll ………….go ask ALICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE when she’s ten feet talllllllllllllllll! WHATEVER THAT MEANS!

To say I was tired at 2100 hours(last night) is putting it mildly! Hut hut! One Two GET UP!!! :) Plus I can’t move my hands, and the legs won’t work now! Did I mention I can’t feel my feet! LOL

Oh well, THIS is what keeps me young! I think! Not sure! I am writing this Tuesday night for the post for Wednesday! I will let you know if I wake up tomorrow!

Just a hint of some things to come! More pictures later. I am taking before and afters this time to share.

My quaint little cottage is small and dark! I do not have a living room window! What a difference it makes! I Trip in, fall down the hall, katch the kat! Haha

Trying WHITE paint to make it brighter! The one biggie here at my house is you have to start between 0800-0830 when the LIGHT FROM THE ONE LIBRARY WINDOW IS JUST RIGHT SO YOU CAN SEE THE WALL! LOL

Stopped for a little snack! O.N.E, (love it!) I was sweating up a storm!! Good stuff!

Oh yeah! Chipotle to the rescue! Veggie Rice with everything! W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L.! Get away bug not gonna share! :)

One down three to go!!! Ok, am I that high, or do you see someone's face in the bottom of this paint can! OMG! LOL

Note to Self: Skylights have moved up to FIRST on the list of things to try and get , just for me.

Gotta go now, there is a paint brush calling my name! More to come....

to be continued..........the story of three rooms and one woman! Her journey into insanity! (short trip!)hahaha

Film at 11:00! Hugs Kat =^.^=

PS. So by the time you read this post on Wednesday! I WILL BE PAINTING AGAIN! Hey does anyone else run outta clothes? Cause all of mine seen to have white paint on them now! :) Have a wonderful day! Hugs and love Kat =^.^= (wish me luck!)

It is getting ready to rain here in the desert!

PSS:  I DID stop painting, and went outside for some fresh air and here is what I saw! It is just beautiful! Later on last night there were just a ba-zillion stars out, looked like a blanket, gorgeous! I will leave you with this.....

always take time to "smell the roses" however you interpret it :) xo

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Copper and Giggles

Morning Sunshines! Well, have you ever got a "wild hair" in the middle of the night?

I did, hammer and screw driver in hand....... couldn't sleep! What's a girl to do?
I know! I will take one of my many colanders! And Wa La!

I was "On The Floor" laughing so hard!!!!! and not looking anything like Jennifer Lopez either! :)

Enjoy! Hugs and tons of laughing I hope! Kat =^.^=
PS I just LOVE IT! It is PERFECT! Matches my copper fan! Ain't it unique! :)


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Update Pictures: Lights on :)
I love how this has turned into a bit of an uplight! Soft little beams of light coming through the holes in the colander, not too bright, but enough to see in the kitchen.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Library Chairs ReDo and fini!

Hello Sunshines, well I have been painting my fingers to the bone! Literally, my nails are broken down to the quick, they hurt! But I just finished my new consignment chairs! They are wonderful and I am going to try and get them re-upholstered. Now you are probably saying to yourself, wow, re-upholstered? WHY!

Well I actually just love love love the fabric but after trying to clean it and watching several wonderful YouTube videos on how to clean velvet, I found that they were really full of dirt, deep down type. Did you know there are "fabric codes" on your furniture? That is how to determine how to clean it.

Since these are probably from the 1950's they really cannot be cleaned at this point. So I tried, and off they go for a new outfit! :)

These chairs are made by American of Martinsville and they have great bones, are sturdy, and they just needed a little update. I will take new pictures when the upholstery is done. I am so excited with just the white paint. They will quaint up my Library!

Pictures soon of the room! :) Have a great weekend, hugs Kat =^.^=
here is the finished product! I love how they turned out! fini! :)

Ta Da! Kilz and then a nice white from Ace Hardware! one of my favourite places! Ace is the place and really does have everything! :) I really like how they turned out!

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Update Update! My Library Chairs are off for some new digs! They will return on or before Saturday May 5th! Wo hoo!  :) I will be posting pictures of their new "outfits" then! Cannot wait! :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Going to Be a Young entreprenuer at age 10

Hello Sunshines, I am so very proud to do a post on Gene!  I am his Great Aunt and he will be going places! At age 10! he has a YouTube video on reviewing a part for his racing car!

I was told he did this last night with my sister, his Boma :), (grandma) and I really think for a first video it turned out spectacular! don't you agree! :)

So here he is! He is reviewing a car part from and he got assistance from three guys at  Gyro hobbie store.

I think we will have to get a blog going for this young man  of ten, so he can review his video games and special things of interest to him! How refreshing and what a lovely young man! :) and I am so very proud of him! My sister says he has been playing around with video and cameras since age 6!

Please check out and gyrohobbies. These are his recommendations, Ryan and Jake, (his store)  they assisted him with lots of information and were very nice to him! According to him, they really wanted to help him and there was one other fellow, that also helped him and he so appreciated it!

He is a sweet, knowledgeable kid, wow! To do a YouTube video, let alone to ASK to do one, is way cool! :) don't you think!

Please enjoy this, his very first video, as much as I did! Of course I had to sign up to YouTube and make a comment! There maybe a FaceBook in his future regarding his reviews on the things he enjoys as well! Thank you for watching!! , hugs Kat =^.^=

PS It is my understanding from my Sister that Mr. Gene checks in regularly to read the comments! If anyone has any ideas for him, he would love to read them :) thank you :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Early a.m. music!

Coldplay has to be one of my favourite groups of all time! Enjoy, Happy Friday Sunshines!! Hugs =^.^=

Beautiful photos by a local artist here in Boulder City!

Hello Sunshines! I am sharing a wonderful Flickr link tonight for you to enjoy ! These are some of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen!

These are taken by Sally, a wonderful new friend, and a local artisan here in my quaint little town of Boulder City.

So grab your cuppa jo or your teapot, and plan to spend a while visiting here! Pure eye candy! She is wonderful and does wonders with her camera!

She also makes beautiful canvas pieces and cards! A talent extraordinaire! Our town is just so "artsy!"

Gorgeous and exquisite, to name a few descriptions of her works! A true artist, a joy to the eye, please enjoy and plan to return as she updates regularly!  Hugs Kat -^.^=

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Labour of Love

Hello Sunshines! I am so excited to share my latest endeavour with you. It was truly a labour of love. This little 100 year old upright piano, was made by "W. Saville & Co.. London." They sell them in the United Kingdom. This was such an interesting piece with loads of detail and character and it took me quite a while to complete.

She is a petite size, tall and thin. Her keys are ivory and pristine for her age of 100. She called my name for a new life and to save her. She is the essence of antique sophistication!

Now I know some will say, why would you paint this beauty? She just talked to me and wanted an update, and a "white profound look at me" type of statement was really the only way to showcase this unique exquisite piece.

Won't you please join us in our journey? I had a wonderful time and great satisification accomplishing this piece. Although it took many days weeks of dry time in between painting, I do love her new and improved texture!

She has a wonderful silky smooth finish now, a lovely touch, and a creamy cloudy linen color. A feast for the eyes if I do say so myself. I am happy how "she" turned out and I know someone will just love to have her in the middle of any room!

Lots of detail work, and well worth the effort. Lots of taping, a little repair here and there, and maybe a little tuning in her future, she is still a very classy little lady!

As you can see I utilized some of my favorite paints and primers! Kilz! I have always loved this product because it really works so well. It gets the job done!

So now here she is in all her glory, as we await to be picked up! I am actually sad! I will miss her! She is really dainty and cute!

She has abalone shell little dots of decoration up in the middle section with brass inlay. Quite lovely.

I completed the piano stool as well. Solid as a rock, a seat that will height adjust, with little claw and crystal "teal" ball feet! Another very detailed piece I love!

Please stop by again soon............................

To be continued.............hugs Kat =^.^=

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