Monday, March 26, 2012

Recycled Frame

Good mornin Sunshines! Here is something I have just recycled!  It was a brown wood, very nice but needed a little something to freshen it up a bit.

So I shabbied it up with white paint, hit it with a sander, a touch of robin-eggs blue, some twine and painted clothespins.

Hanging photos or little postcards would be fun don't you think? It turned out just as planned only better and I'm so happy with it!:)

Have a great day! Hugs Kat =^.^=

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

A weekend one day get-a-way! Wo Hoo!

Hi Sunshines, it's late and I am pooped! BUT had a wonderful visit again with my Sis and Brother in Law on Saturday! We had a complete blast, ate way too much and jumped a water taxi more than once! A blast! This is from the water taxi, the Colorado Bell! What a beautiful Casino inside and out! Will be doing a post about the Riverwalk and all the casino's along the way soon! Took tons of pictures!

Laughlin is fun! Clean, tons of stuff to do and it's all good! So here are some pictures, hope you all had a great one! Hugs Kat =^.^=

Yep! That is an antique buggy coming at me! It was so neat sorry couldn't get a better picture but I was snapping pics while driving! lol

There you are Laughlin, almost there! Can't wait to see my Sis! Wo Hoo!
It is about an hour 20 min from Boulder City and good roads all the way!

The Riverside Casino is the first along the Riverwalk in Laughlin NV. Inside there are just gorgeous antique slot machines, here is one picture, I will be doing a longer post on those in a while! They were awesome, some from the 1920's! These machines are small and very detailed! Just beautiful! You could take pictures of them but no touching! lol

This was a one dayer for me! It was so fun! I must say goodnight now cause my eyes are slamming, the wind is gusting at about 39 mph and the rain is on the way they say, my allergies are kickin in again and just make me so tired! Am I the only one! Jeez! Have a wonderful week! Hugs Kat =^.^=

Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patty's Day - Top o the mornin to ya

Happy St Patty Day! Some interesting info here about where it all began! I so try to wear the "green" but often forget, therefore get pinched!lol

So I am offering up some random green pictures, some from around town and my yard today! It's "stormin Norman" again today in my quaint little town! Hold on to your wig Ethel!!!!!!! :)

These were from the other day when the weather was just wonderful and warm and I walked around a bit! Today, such a different story! Oh well, the hot weather will be here soon enough! Have a wonderful day Sunshines! =^.^=

Friday, March 16, 2012

WIND WIND WIND Spring has Sprung anyway!

Hello Sunshines! Well what can I say, other than wind wind wind rain rain hellacious weather on the way for my quaint little town starting NOW!

It has started! No painting for me, staying in sneezing, hack hack hack! :)

Spring has sprung in my yard though, and yesterday afternoon was ok so I got some neat shots out back! Sharing, have a wonderful, safe and fun weekend! Hugs Kat =^.^=

The butterflies and the bees are out in force! Needless to say they didn't like me too close to "their" lavender! LOL So pretty soon I had a rather large swarm and I left them alone! The little ladybug was busy traveling!

As you can see the asparagus ferns are loving the warmer weather! It's 80 deg outside now but the wind just ruins everything :(

My plants get wind blown too! My herbs are coming up again this year, I usually empty out the pot and start fresh with new plants and soil. I just fertilized them last week so they are going wild! I will get new plants when the weather permits though because I use them in cooking and the older ones can spring up rather tough and thick for some reason.

Couldn't end my post without some yard art! I love it! Catch ya later! Hugs =^.^=

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

WHO is there?

Good morning Sunshines! Hope your week is going well! The weather here is warming up and the wind has stopped for a few hours maybe a whole day hopefully! I've got outside STUFF to get done and the wind is not a friend to me there! Allergies! YIKES

Isn't it funny how the light comes into your home? I just love what gets highlighted, here are a few pictures I'm sharing of my fave color ever!

It's like paint! I try to always paint a story board, put it in different places on the wall during the day and evening to see how I will like/love the color when the whole room is done!

I did that for my tile flooring, worked out pretty good. Funny how colors change during the day and evening hours.

Here are a few random pics! I'm looking to change up some stuff later today and just snapped a few!

What are you doing today? I've decided to set some weekly goals, vs one a day! That way no pressure! Yeah right! LOL

Have a wonderful day! I'm off to do something good or bad, right or wrong!!!! :) Catch ya later! hugs, =^.^=