Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year's Eve! 2014

 Hi! Happy New Year's eve!

It is so cold, wow no snow no rain, interesting "feels like 24" lol. My last post of this year! 

I did get a lot of things accomplished, most of what I wanted, so happy about that. I  hope you did as well?  I also feel very very blessed and thankful for all of this past year, the good, the bad, the hurtful and the ugly. I know everyone has issues, that is pretty normal, but we all survive, somehow don't we!

So moving on to a new year, as usual, I take one day at a time and a few of my things are,

I go "under the radar" "pick my battles" "am mindful of what I say and how I say it" that's a given for me throughout my whole life.  The biggest thing for me was learning how to be silent, listen, and not offer "a fix" unless asked. Still working on this one!

Anyway, I will be pondering today, making homemade veggie soup and cookin in the kitchen! 

Since I love to cook, the house will be warm, toasty, smelly in a good way, lol, and I will be rattlin those pots n pans! The movie will be loud (Clue, one of my faves!)  then the music (Coldplay) will be on later and I will be dancin around!

Have a safe, healthy, happy evening! Onwards and upwards! ...........and remember!

one of my very fave sayings!

.....of all the things I've lost.........I miss my mind the most!............. fave place to sip tea at three..... beloved garden............. choice!

xo Kat

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Stormin Norman! Out like a Lyon! Burr cold, storms a comin!

Greetings!Going to be "out like a Lyon" if the weather holds true, and it probably will! We are expecting, dare I say, wait for it, snow! Yep the white stuff, New Years Eve.  

Right now, it is very windy and very cold and yesterday morn I woke up to 28 deg feels like 21! Oh wow, well...... okdokie!

I will welcome it since I will be "in" this New Years Eve! Oh, yes, I'm just your average home body-ette! lol

Anyway, you will find me snuggled in bed with the "three dog night" crew with my English tea in hand and a good if not great movie or two!  It's gonna be a cold one!

I have once again wrapped the outside pipes and some of my precious plants, my two dwarf lemons at the base, hoping they will not die this year. Since I removed them from their plastic pots, I think the roots were cooking in there, and replanted them this past Spring into large large clay pots, they are thriving and are almost eight feet tall!

They were just a lovely gift from a neighbor who asked me if I would like them, me, OMG I couldn't say yes fast enough! I just love smelling the leaves! lemon, one of my faves.

No lemons yet, the wind in March seems to blow off those little white buds, so sad. Maybe this year I will cover them with light cheesecloth? Any ideas out there, anyone have the same issues?

Anyway, hoping you guys are all snug as a bug in a rug,

I will be doing the batten down the hatches thing here for sure, storm on the way......

xo kat

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Special Day Wishes, Merry Christmas 2014

Hello and Merry Christmas 2014 on this very special day! Wishing you and yours a Happy, Merry and looking forward, a lovely new 2015 to come!  See you sometime in the new year! Until then...........................

xo Kat

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Boulder Dam Cottage, Christmas 2014

Well hi there and Jingle Bells Jingle Bells, Ho Ho Ho and a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

Wishing you and yours a lovely Holiday Season 2014.  I finished my decorating, started before Thanksgiving this time, so I am now enjoying the warmth of tea lights, little trees scattered around homemade soups and of course I turn into an English woman daily between 3 and 4 pm, for tea!

This year I took pictures as I went through the house! I did decide, however, not to do too much outside.  I think my days of up down the six footer is done for this gal! lol 

Are you ready? grab a cuppa something and stroll along with me through the house! I've got my tea cup in my hand and I'm ready to go! Let's start off with the Entryway, front porch, and into the house we go......

 ....smells like coffee beans and pine! wonderful! 

 ...when it is not too cold outside, you will find me here in the mornings with my coffee in the Santa Cup!

...let's step inside, shall we....

....down the hall to the little Guest Bath.......

...peppermint and lavender from my garden....

.....night lights......

Now let's take a walk back into the Living and Dining Rooms......

.....finally, we step into my tiny little narrow kitchen! I love this kitchen, for it is finally done, open shelving, and most importantly painted white, distressed with the shabby vintage look! Copper is my main accent in here, it is an addiction! :) 

But for now and the month of December, I will focus on the tiny little Christmas Tree.

I am wishing you and yours, a wonderful Season full of family friends and lots of memories! This year is coming to an end already! Really? The older I get the faster they come and go!

Sincerely, Kat  XO

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