Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Say Hello to my Little Friend!

Well hello there! Say hello to my little friend! LOL
I sure can't do the Tony Montana, aka Scarface impersonation , screaming as I blast the door with my “little friend,” BTW a tremendous movie from 1983, and it's way to darn hot for that black jacket too, but I can stand in awe at Mother Nature and just look at this little being!

Are you ready for a photo shoot?
But this little guy, did I mention I love bugs and insects, from afar of course, unless they show up for just a perfect photo session, posing and all, early one morning!
I about died. I mused, must be someone I know., lol.

A long lost relative, maybe that old man friend, but definitely someone I used to know.

This little beauty, which I believe to be a “Yellow Winged DarterDragonfly, just stayed around me, hopping on things and it seemed to be looking at me! I think it wears those black goggles, sure looked like it. Or maybe he wanted a sip of my cuppa jo?

A curious little creature for sure.
Anyway, what a charmer, what a cutie, as insects go, wow, made my whole day. Thank you Lord!
Gorgeous colouring, actually stunning, I got close, it apparently didn’t mind either. The oranges and yellows on the tail, intricate, like it was hand painted. The face, there are no words to describe it. The wings were transparent and they did sparkle I'm sure for times when you need to go incognito! You could see through them as well.
As fast as it appeared and allowed me to take these, it left. I sure hope it visits again though, once you see something like that up close and personal, it is just again, Mother Nature at her finest.
Oddly enough, they don’t live around here, in these United States, so I'm not sure why it was in my yard but so glad it arrived and stayed awhile. With all the wildlife I get, I must have a little safe haven going on.
Lots of pictures, I just kept clicking as fast as I could! You should see all the blurry ones!
I hope you enjoy these, I sure did, like I said, it just made my day.

Summer Fun and Summer Not but so far this one is way fun!
 Xo Kat =^.^=

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