Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Three years later, From Chanty Love to Terrarium Revisited

Well hello! Strolling in the yard I was checking out these Terrariums I made way back in June of 2011. The original post here.
Wow, they have stood the test of time, they have been outside in and under a patio all this time.  I guess that really says something for the chandeliers themselves and the E-6000 glue I utilized to attach the wrought iron bases.

The little tea cups were also glued on two small clay pots for height.  They are a little worn but love the patina and crazing they have now.  I love the character. 

There was one that didn't last however, the base came off, but I still have some more glue so will be repairing that one soon.
I just recently re-planted this one with some succulents.  The little moss plant has lasted all this time and her roots cover most of the bottom but there was just enough room to add some little pieces from the garden, a little pinch start here and more little handfuls of dirt!

I got dirty nails! lol

This was one of the largest, now over-grown, very heavy, I frankly cannot lift it, and he sits proudly in full sun!
The birds love the water in the cup so I try and keep it filled at all times.  The little hummingbirds will sit a top the cup too, so darn cute.

I use this as my little test garden, sticking in pieces of everything to see if they grow.

This one is also a large size, planted with one plant of the tiny ivy. She has taken over! Same plant from way back. Ivy is a hardy little thing.
By the way I only use Miracle Grow, dirt and the time released fertilizer.  I credit this stuff to my green thumb up to my elbow, lol. Miracle Grow has been my go to everything garden for almost forty years! I swear by it.

The "stained glass window" sits atop the table and behind the planter. I made this for
my dear Mother, who had hung it in her dining room window, so the light would filter through it each afternoon.

Then it was a new old window, much more colourful, clear and hung with a gold chain from a swag lamp.
 Just before she passed she asked me to take it back, so I did.  It's been inside and out and all over, but I like it in the garden the best now.

It has weathered well and I will keep it in the garden till it falls apart. It is on it's way, broken glass and all, but stands for part of my heart in the garden.

Little coloured stones, I think from Big Lots garden section, fills the place where the candles used to be.  Since it is so hot here, we are now in the triple digits, candles are out of the question, and you really cannot see the chandy "arms" anymore the plants have covered them up!

Maybe I will have to get the little cutters out!

I made these at my last home. It was a task to get them here to quaint little cottage in one piece, but they made it!

I hope you enjoyed the re-visit! I enjoyed looking to see if
 and how everything was holding together!

Surprise for me!

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week.

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