Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer in the Garden

Boulder Dam Cottage June 2014
 My Summer in the desert!
I was surprised when these beauties popped up! I had thrown a handful of old seed packets in my little corner out front wondering if anything would surface!
They did, in all their glory!
Various sunflowers, the colours are vivid, stunning and the camera does not do justice!
The wind was blowing each day I took these, hard to get them to stop waving at me.
Sunflowers, multiple colours, hollyhocks, succulents, Lavender oh my!
This is the progression, over a couple of weeks. I can't stop taking pictures of these gorgeous flowers. They are just so beautiful and the colours, you have to be in front of them to appreciate! Stunning just stunning! Mother Nature at her finest! I take pics daily lol!
Triple digits are starting again tomorrow, factor in daily wind at 25 to 30 so they will not last. The birds are having a blast and I'm having fun just drinking my coffee and watching the show. Even the hummingbirds love these cuties.
I am slowing down this Summer, taking it easier, enjoying the little things, the things that make me happy,
Mr. sun, bare feet, bathing suits, ice tea and of course, the garden.

Fresh Lavender from my backyard hangs in the foyer.

Hello Sunshine!

Boulder Dam Cottage Summer 2014


Lots more pictures will be posted as these beauties progress. They are getting so tall and the wind is beating them up.
Have a wonderful week,
xo Kat =^..^=
PS I am having trouble receiving emails lately and uploading pictures with Blogger. I wonder if anyone else is having difficulty?


  1. Your flowers are gorgeous !!! My yard is already brown here in the city. Cant wait till fall !! :) Rhea

  2. Hi Rhea, thank you! I stopped by your blog, beautiful! We have heat and wind here for the next 3 days! 105ish and 37mph ish, I am staying in the house! lol FALL, yep Im ready so I can complain about the cold again, lol. And yep I know what you mean with the brown we have it here as well! My little sunflower beauties are holdin on for dear life. xo kat =^.^=


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