Sunday, April 15, 2012

Going to Be a Young entreprenuer at age 10

Hello Sunshines, I am so very proud to do a post on Gene!  I am his Great Aunt and he will be going places! At age 10! he has a YouTube video on reviewing a part for his racing car!

I was told he did this last night with my sister, his Boma :), (grandma) and I really think for a first video it turned out spectacular! don't you agree! :)

So here he is! He is reviewing a car part from and he got assistance from three guys at  Gyro hobbie store.

I think we will have to get a blog going for this young man  of ten, so he can review his video games and special things of interest to him! How refreshing and what a lovely young man! :) and I am so very proud of him! My sister says he has been playing around with video and cameras since age 6!

Please check out and gyrohobbies. These are his recommendations, Ryan and Jake, (his store)  they assisted him with lots of information and were very nice to him! According to him, they really wanted to help him and there was one other fellow, that also helped him and he so appreciated it!

He is a sweet, knowledgeable kid, wow! To do a YouTube video, let alone to ASK to do one, is way cool! :) don't you think!

Please enjoy this, his very first video, as much as I did! Of course I had to sign up to YouTube and make a comment! There maybe a FaceBook in his future regarding his reviews on the things he enjoys as well! Thank you for watching!! , hugs Kat =^.^=

PS It is my understanding from my Sister that Mr. Gene checks in regularly to read the comments! If anyone has any ideas for him, he would love to read them :) thank you :)


  1. Kat...please tell Gene I am so impressed by his video! He did such a great job on his very first YouTube presentation. I hope he continues to make many more. It looked like he was having fun. You could also pass along that he is a very good looking young man! Hugs...

  2. Hi Sally, thank you for the lovely comments! Yes I think he will be going places with his YouTube videos! I was impressed too! I know he is checking in after school and I know he will be excited to read this! He did such a GREAT JOB! :) Hugs Kat =^.^=


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