Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Copper and Giggles

Morning Sunshines! Well, have you ever got a "wild hair" in the middle of the night?

I did, hammer and screw driver in hand....... couldn't sleep! What's a girl to do?
I know! I will take one of my many colanders! And Wa La!

I was "On The Floor" laughing so hard!!!!! and not looking anything like Jennifer Lopez either! :)

Enjoy! Hugs and tons of laughing I hope! Kat =^.^=
PS I just LOVE IT! It is PERFECT! Matches my copper fan! Ain't it unique! :)


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Update Pictures: Lights on :)
I love how this has turned into a bit of an uplight! Soft little beams of light coming through the holes in the colander, not too bright, but enough to see in the kitchen.


  1. Very creative! I love the look of copper. Such a cute idea for a kitchen.

  2. That's great! Would like to see what it looks like with the light on!

  3. Hi Katie! Wow didn't even think to take a pic or two with the light on! I guess I was laughing so hard that night I forgot! So here are a few for you! I love how it projects the lighting now. But I like a little softer light not so glaring like before! :) Thanks for asking! hugs Kat =^.^=
    PS I will take a couple at night too so you can see! Really "softens" the room for me. :)


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