Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Paint, Dance, Sing, Dance, Edit, Dance FINISH! Happy Dance soon!

Hello Sunshines! Happy Wednesday!
Major decision! This summer, painting the house, the rooms, editing. I know, I’ve said it before; however, yesterday (Tuesday, early) I did start!

At 0930! Did paint the entryway, the Library (awaiting arrival of Library Chairs with new clothes in a couple of weeks) AND the kitchen.
I am also doing a mini makeover (if that is ever possible) in my little quaint kitchen. This is becoming a little “farm kitchen.”

I am removing a "few" of the cupboards, yikes! (what am I doing! I will HAVE to be NEATER now! lol) and changing out the lighting a bit. And of course painting. Big endeavour for me! BUT I have decided that this is the summer project, in addition to fixing my little abode.

My father taught us all about "preventative maintenance" so I have to bring it up to my standards! :) You know how it is.

Here is one big problem! Have to do two coats of this new paint I decided to try!
Clark and Kensington paint and primer I got at Ace Hardware.

Well, not happy! Not happy at all! I will finish my rooms, but will not (EVER) use that paint again. It was way expensive and I got four gallons! Way too many issues for a woman who has been painting and wallpapering most of her adult life!

Sorry Clark and Kensington! You do not have a good review from me  :( ;long drying time, very sticky, drags if not completely dry, boggled down brush, smells really bad, I think I got high! I started singing Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit!

OoooooooKkkkkkkkkk DO U HAVE THE VISUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“One pill makes you larger aaaaaaaaaaaaand one pill makes you smalllllllllllllll and the ONE that Mother givvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvves you doesn’t do anythinggggggggggg atttttttttt allllllllllllllllll ………….go ask ALICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE when she’s ten feet talllllllllllllllll! WHATEVER THAT MEANS!

To say I was tired at 2100 hours(last night) is putting it mildly! Hut hut! One Two GET UP!!! :) Plus I can’t move my hands, and the legs won’t work now! Did I mention I can’t feel my feet! LOL

Oh well, THIS is what keeps me young! I think! Not sure! I am writing this Tuesday night for the post for Wednesday! I will let you know if I wake up tomorrow!

Just a hint of some things to come! More pictures later. I am taking before and afters this time to share.

My quaint little cottage is small and dark! I do not have a living room window! What a difference it makes! I Trip in, fall down the hall, katch the kat! Haha

Trying WHITE paint to make it brighter! The one biggie here at my house is you have to start between 0800-0830 when the LIGHT FROM THE ONE LIBRARY WINDOW IS JUST RIGHT SO YOU CAN SEE THE WALL! LOL

Stopped for a little snack! O.N.E, (love it!) I was sweating up a storm!! Good stuff!

Oh yeah! Chipotle to the rescue! Veggie Rice with everything! W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L.! Get away bug not gonna share! :)

One down three to go!!! Ok, am I that high, or do you see someone's face in the bottom of this paint can! OMG! LOL

Note to Self: Skylights have moved up to FIRST on the list of things to try and get , just for me.

Gotta go now, there is a paint brush calling my name! More to come....

to be continued..........the story of three rooms and one woman! Her journey into insanity! (short trip!)hahaha

Film at 11:00! Hugs Kat =^.^=

PS. So by the time you read this post on Wednesday! I WILL BE PAINTING AGAIN! Hey does anyone else run outta clothes? Cause all of mine seen to have white paint on them now! :) Have a wonderful day! Hugs and love Kat =^.^= (wish me luck!)

It is getting ready to rain here in the desert!

PSS:  I DID stop painting, and went outside for some fresh air and here is what I saw! It is just beautiful! Later on last night there were just a ba-zillion stars out, looked like a blanket, gorgeous! I will leave you with this.....

always take time to "smell the roses" however you interpret it :) xo

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  1. I LOVE this post!!!! (just don't let the smeeeeelllllllly paint get to you) You go girl!!

    1. Hi Julene! Thanks! I am still painting! Hope to be finished tomorrow, Saturday! three areas and countin, shelves in kit are almost done and a new bright white window in the kitchen will arrive soon! It will even OPEN! :) LOL hugs =^.^=


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