Friday, May 30, 2014

French Toile de jouy, Bosporus

Good morning and happy Friday!
To say that I am a lover of French Toile de jouy is an understatement. 
Toile is a French word meaning linen cloth or canvas, and what a canvas it is!

Detailed in many ways with many versions of luscious settings, toile is perfect for my decorating dilemmas, always, from sweet little craft projects to furniture.
Let me present the fabulous, "Bosporus" scene, with its aged look, the reds, greens, golds and the linen loose look of the fabric.

 I just can't get enough of this particular fabric. It is linen, soft, beautiful colours and I just love sitting and holding it! I know, it's an addiction, and I love it! This is my eye candy! (most of my fabric is!)

Has anyone coined a name or phrase for the fabric addicted? A hoarder collector? Oh my!
A beautiful chair, a lovely find, a large wide body, I had it pro re-upholstered in this toile, Bosporus, one of my very faves, and brocade.
What a beauty of a job he did for me! This has to be my favourite chair in the living room. But.....

....and my mistake initially was to paint that beautiful patina wood white! Oh the err of my ways sometimes, what is the old saying, live and learn, patience is a virtue!
Note to self......Live with something before you get that paint brush out! Wow.

After living with her for awhile in the white with the elegant Bosporus fabric, I decided to carefully as I could, sand down to the bare wood if I could without making a mess!  The white was just not cutting it with these colours. Each time I walked past her, I cried!
It took a while, but I am happy with her, and her clothes seem to "fit" better! lol
I also decided to wax her with beeswax (love anything Howard's) instead of a stain to soften the wood and the look. The wood has a soft to the touch feel and will hopefully age better. The beeswax sinks into the bare wood and also protects the pieces of paint as well. Happy.
I am a happy toile gal!
As I sit in the living room, I'm laughing at my decor, as I always thought I was a shabby chic,
Rachel Ashwell type, but in the living room I am all English decor with a touch of Gothic!
In my head I see white and pastels, in some rooms, but when it comes to the living and library room decor, I love the richness of these fabrics and the coziness of the cluttered, come sit with a cup of tea, a blanket, the stacks and stacks of books, on the over sized couch put your feet up and stay awhile look! This is me!
This type of decor is so welcoming to me and always has been. Who knew, as I type this out loud! My style! lol
English, "Gallery" Wall
Lest we not forget.......
my man!
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