Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Haute Couture and Runway show featuring The Three Amigos!

These three are atop the teal ottoman with their handmade haute couture serapes designed by Karen, master sewer, designer and one loved so much by these three babies!
Their hats were found especially for each one! They had to match!
The Amigos send "amar" to their Karen! They love her so much!
Pictures above are from left to right,
Tucker Blackburn, (Tucker B) Tippy Toe, (Tip) and Mr Parker, (Mr P), the leader of the pack!
Yeah that's right! I'm in CHARGE! And don't ya forget it! :)
Sure sure!!!


Mom, like this pose! I'm almost off this darn ottoman so I can RUN AWAY! lol
One handsome Amigo! don't you think????
Tip, you look FABULOSO in your pepper scarf! Such a handsome boy!
Lets sing "Cielito lindo" ay ay ay ayyyyyyyyyyy "I'll start it!" as Tip takes center stage!!
Let her RIP boys! I'm listenin! :)


Bow your head Mr. Tip! Show off that hat!
Tip, change into that preppy sweater young man! "Oh I look GOOD MOMACITA!"


Next Tucker B models the sweater! The smallest of the Amigos! Good job man!
This will be the first of a few Runway shows! Hope you enjoyed my boys!
Director, Kat =^.^=
Fashion Designer, Karen
Mr Tip
Tucker B
Mr P
We thank you! Adios and Good night!
Show and Tell Friday! over at My Romantic Home!

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