Friday, May 24, 2013

Full Moon week and the Wind! Oh my!

Morning Sunshines! It has certainly been a wild week here in my quaint little town! And  how can I say that I am so done with the wind!  My allergies are pretty much keeping me inside again today and I love being out playing in the garden! So I ran out (anyway) and took some pics for you!

I love the texture of things, whether it be fabric, garden or just anything that has that neat feel to it!

Happy Friday! hugs =^.^=

some misc "toppers" I painted and shabbied up for over the doors in my hallway!
thinking about my home, I guess I will "always" be "under construction" in one form or another, otherwise I would have to sell and get something else to work on! :)

this would be my 1940s up cycled wood couch covered up due to the nasty gusts up to 40 mph this week! Can you imagine the dust and the dirt! :) At least it is under the covered patio! lol

lavender fields forever, The Beatles! love them!


  1. Great architectural pieces! Di@Cottage-wishes

  2. Hi Di, thanks for stoppin by and yes I have quite a few pieces, the first pic, that one is about 6 foot in length! Im tryin to figure out where to hang her! She is way weathered and she was the top of a french armoire at one time! One can only imagine how beautiful she was until left out in the weather :( =^.^=


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