Thursday, May 23, 2013

Memorial Day weekend! Honor all our Military Men and Women!

Honor all our Military Men and Women.....everyday!
While you enjoy your days off from work, enjoying your family, please remember all our Military that have given the ultimate gift to all of us, the gift of freedom, to us and our country and to those that currently serve, everyday, that will not be with their families this weekend or in the days ahead.
Please say a prayer of thanks and ask for their protection and that they come home safe and soon to their loved ones!
Having retired a couple of years ago and having worked with the Military for three decades, I come away with an enormous amount of respect and admiration! Their job is not an easy task by any means.
 "They" are a huge loyal "extended" loving family that welcome and truly care about you and whomever they work and live with, no matter where that "place" may be.
I really cannot say enough, and I really do think of them everyday.
My sincere hope is that you and your family will as well. Because if not for them, we would not have the freedoms that we sometimes take for granted!
Wishing you and yours a safe weekend. 
Here are a few pics taken this morning in the garden. 

have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend! Always remembering, honoring our military this coming Memorial Day and everyday!

with love, kat =^.^=

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