Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 911

Today I am heart sick for the tenth year. The terrible loss so uncalled for in any generation, in any Country. Troubled sleeping, eating, thinking back. I know where I was that day, do you?

I remember every detail that day. Do you? The faces, the horrific pictures. The sadness that overwhelmed me that day. The disbelief.  Do you? I know exactly where I was that day and the days that followed, trying to make sense of the horror that literally crushed so many lives that day and will continue until the end of time.

I went to the market for food the other day. A very tall gentleman standing at the entrance handed me a magnet, Always Remember 911.

As I walked through the store, my memory hit me like a ton of bricks. YES I remember every minute of that day and the days after. The total sadness that took me over. Unbelievable, the loss of life. The innocent, the children, Mothers and Fathers, Grandfathers, Grandmothers, rescue workers.

As I left the market, I stopped to speak to him, and remarked, no one should have to ask anyone to remember that day, I remember where I was, my thoughts, my heartbreak, the horror. We agreed, and chatted for a bit. My tears.

When I left, I said God Bless you Sir.

We, as a Country, can never forget that day, the hate. We must remember every single man, woman and child that lost their life that day, their friends, their family, their sons and daughters. We must hold them close, and pray for the ones left behind to live without them.

My heart goes out to the Country, those brave soles, heroes,  that rescued who they could. The ones that are now sick because of the contaminated air they breathed that day helping others. The brave, the strong, now the weary. Compassion.

God Bless them all. God Bless them. A sad day in our Country. We will never forget! My thoughts and prayers are always with them, not just today.

There are few things I am so passionate about, one is a strong tie to military family. The love of Country and to be so very proud and thankful every day for our Military men and women.

So today, I will be remembering our sad history on this day, quiet myself, pray for everyone and ask God to help protect us and keep us strong. For strong we are, strong we shall be, strong for our Country, and always remembering September 11th.

With much Love, Kat

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