Tuesday, September 27, 2011

American Pickers ( and me and my friend! The Picker Sista's!

I LOVE MIKE AND FRANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I alwlays have, they get SO excited when they find that special something! The hunt! That is one of my favourite shows, next to Antiques Roadshow! THAT is such a learning show!

Hello Sunshines! Well today I got to go "picking!" Yep I'm one of THOSE PEOPLE! The more dirty and decrepit the better! The more loving a piece requires, I am there to give it, paint it, fix it, and either utilize for myself or it goes into my booth to be loved by someone that will also appreciate it! Oh the character of stuff!

I didn't find what I was looking for, a door, but it was just fun to look at all the stuff, very dirty dusty stuff! Mostly from old hotels now closed in the Vegas Baby area! Lots of history, photos, slots, fountains, and very heavy statues! VERY HEAVY STATUES! None that I could even budge!

I love love love all the older furniture pieces, such character! I can now add PICKER to the description of me! LOL

I did have a "picker sista" with me, and man she had so much fun too!!!! Well, we are going back hopefully soon! We cracked up! She says " oh WOW, THIS is the place I have been LOOKING FOR!" Well sista, ME TOO! What fun we had! And thank you for going with me!!!!

On the way home, with my treasures in the hatchback( I desperately need a truck!) I got hit in the head with a piece of wrought iron,(it wasnt old but will suit my dog run) I spilled my water on my knees, I was hacking with the dust factor, need I go on! It was fun! :)

I just had to check in and tell ya what a great time I had! There was so very much stuff there, all weathered, once loved, paint is needed and general clean up, but I don't care!

We had an absolute BLAST today! And it was HOT for end of September! Almost 100 deg! WOW

I got a great sunburn and sweat to the oldies, literally! the music was blaring!!! LOL

Back soon with the before and afters! I cannot wait to get started! Surprises!!! Hope you have a great week Sunshines!!!     Hugs Kat =^.^=

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