Thursday, May 26, 2016

Diggin in the Dirt! BC Community Gardens

Hi everybody! Thankfully, this is a fry cry from what my little garden spot looked like when I started! I am doing the happy dance! So, purple cabbage, maters, strawberries, kale and more growing now. It is getting hotter, with lots of wind, and things will start to go south, bur for now, I am having a blast diggin in the dirt! 

This post will be mostly pics of my little piece of heaven and the gardens as a whole. It was so very green up there today, low 80's light breeze so green, just a beautiful day! I found two little strawberries and got a hand full of sugar snap peas, now do you think they made it home for my salad? Hummmmmm....

Things I've learned so far:
above ground plots work best, barrier on the bottom and then build your soil from there. Irrigate, much easier to maintain above ground. I stop in to see Parks and Rec and thank them every chance I get for having the gardens. They have the water on auto, all I have to do to go play and I do A L O T ! :)
get the dirt up to par, amend, test the soil and oh you really want "red wrigglers"(worms) in there to air up the dirt! 

Fishing worms will work

worms that come out on the sidewalk at the Park after a rain, if you gather them, they will work

worms are necessary, and fun..they love coffee grounds, cornmeal and will multiply for you!......but more about them on a later post! :) so much to tell ya! 

Get your seeds or plant list together so you know what and when to plant for your area. Note how large each plant will get and how much room it will need to grow and produce. I planted 3 artichoke plants in my spot, but when I saw that they can get 6 foot around, they came home with me and are planted next to the block walls in my back forty! I was told they do not require much water, will grow every year, and you just cut them back each year after they are basically done.

If you have a university near, they are usually so very useful on your Zone and more. Most of their information and brochures are free for the taking and usually have a help line to boot! Now I am a novice, still and will always be learning, this is just what I have found out for myself so far :) And if you are with me so far, thank you, cause I just love to share stuff, especially diggin stuff.:)

We can grow tomato plants right next to "peanut" plants and they both love the weather here! They will live happily ever after next to each other! You cannot purchase peanuts already growing, I don't think, but you can order the seeds online! Next year for sure! Who knew!

Boulder City NV is Zone 9-9A no matter what any magazine will tell ya

When you plant your tomato plants, plant them deep,, you plant the bottom leaves, first set, in to wet ground, not dry. So they get a good start. 

This came from an expert on the subject, went to a meeting, he was so interesting, 84 years young, works for UNLV and maintains I believe 27 or more community gardens throughout the Las Vegas area, if you get a chance look up Don Fabbi.
Great work, lovely man, knows how to garden, feeds the hungry! Lovely read. 

Cover everything, with critter and bird netting, "critters, of all kinds" love to have a late night or early mornin snack just like we do!

Carry a lot of containers in your vehicle, tools, buckets, gloves, water to drink and for your bounty! that is the fun part!

Oh there is so much more, but more on this later, another post..........I hope you enjoyed my ramblings and liked seeing what anyone can grow really...what I've been eating....and I hope you have a great rest of the week! 

 till next time........=^.^=

 Just unloaded the car, broccoli, cabbage, maters, tiny, strawberries, small, kale, romaine lettuce, pole snap peas, onions, swiss chard, chives, garlic, onion, dill, cauliflower artichoke, savory, parsley, cilantro,spinach, and more, the herb garden in the center of the place is for everyone to play in, keep up and utilize. OH MY GOODNESS! I have fresh herbs for my baked potato!

I learned about Lemon Balm or Melissa! yet another post and what I made! So fun! Great herb, lots of uses...tincture.....more later!

 Chinese cabbage....................above

 onions, they got big! BIG

 the hollyhocks are blooming and are very tall like the sunflowers...most, if not all of these beauties are from the original 1931 plants that started here in Boulder City. Various versions of pink from very light to very dark rich pink.

 this one in the center is the herb garden, it is just fabulous!

 This is a lime tree!Huge!

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