Friday, June 3, 2016

A Boulder City Space Ship! A little Boulder City Nevada History

Hi, and happy June already! Doesn't this look like a space ship! Does to me! It is history day! Took a drive around the quaint little village. Here are some pictures of one of our most beautiful Parks, an antique and some green! This is a Hoover Dam Turbine Runner!  I think we have our own space ship! lol  For more information here is another link on our quaint little village just outside Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Isn't our Park gorgeous? I love it! And it is one of many! Our June weather is upon us with a vengeance! Temps will reach well into the triple digits from now on, so if you are planning a visit, it is perfect weather for a walking town, in and out of the A/C, swimming, picnics, shopping, quaint little bistro's and a great place to be "a world away in a day" the city slogan, so true.

Thank you for visiting me today, until next post......................=^.^=

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