Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tool Time around the ol Homestead!

Hi and good morning! Been working around the ol homestead, seeding the front lawn, sweeping up debris and more. With high winds here the past couple of days including today, note to self, do not clean up around the house, aka Spring clean, until May! ha ha

Trying my hand at what I laughingly call Tool Time. Hopefully did all the correct steps with Scott's to get my lawn back in shape. The poor thing, part shade part sun, weeds blow in from everywhere, what's a girl to do.

Anyway, fingers are crossed. Also editing every room! Is that Spring cleaning again? Ah huh! My beautiful craft table in the wearhouse is up for grabs, listed on Craigslist. I hope I can find some crafter, sewer, that will love to take it apart and run with it. My wearhouse is just too hot for this lady now. I prefer the small spare room with the AC!

 I might actually get some lemons this year! I covered, wrapped both trees when they started blooming with the bird netting, it is thin, just to hold the blooms on when the wind came up. I do see some little lemons that are starting, let's hope they remain? After the wind that woke me up at 2 a.m. I haven't got the heart to go look! If anyone has a better mouse trap, please comment! 
Wind wind go away, come another day!

 Iris and her friends are blooming here and there!

I will post some garden pictures soon. Love my phone photos just takes so long to download them! Hope you have a wonderful week! To quote my favourite line in "The Holiday" movie, "Don't blow away!"

Kat =^.^=

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