Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March and Welcome Spring!

 Well hi! It has been awhile hasn't it! I didn't realize how long! I have been one very busy lady to say the least, decisions, progress, life changes and more. So much for this new year so far. When I read the  blogs I subscribe to I truly am blessed with not a care compared to some. Heart breaking news for a few, so sad, tears flow and thoughts and prayers are sent their way. I hope it is a better year for everyone!

I have been busy painting, did a couple of jobs, loved that, loved how the pieces turned out, will post about that another day. But for now, I am enjoying the weather, in the 80's, seeing all the new little shoots coming up, I have no bulbs blooming just yet. I will be posting lots of garden pictures this Spring I think! I hope you don't mind!

Quaint little cottage needs some attending to, so you might not see me much for a little while. Lots to do and I am doing most of it myself.

As you can see the gorgeous Sunflowers came back! They are only about three feet tall and not an orange one in site yet, fingers are crossed!

The lavender is thriving this year already! She is taking over the back fence, which is fine with me!

Sweet sweet little faces that survived that cold spell last month.

I am laughing here. I harvested the lavender, me and the bees. About five of them stung me and man oh man did that hurt and itch! Wow. This was only the second time stung. It has been at least a month and it still itches on occasion.

I tied each bundle, about 50 of them, with sisal so you could hang them, then wrapped them in pink tissue paper. They looked so cute in this new little apple basket and made the living and dining room smell so good too.

I trotted them down to quaint little town credit union, Boulder Dam Credit Union, they are celebrating their 75th year so each Teller and even some customers got one with a large thank you from me for their smiles when I come in and wonderful customer service. Quaint little town Credit Union rocks! My post office Angels got a couple as well, just for a thank you!

The credit union has beautiful blooming plantings all around the place, taking over the curbs! 

Lavender fields forever in my back yard and private paradise! Thank you Lord!

Be happy and safe...till next time...xo kat

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