Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring has Sprung Quaint Walkabout Boulder City

Hi there! How are you! The wind finally stopped, and the past two days have been awesome outstanding, calm, just down right perfect! Perfect!

There is so very much to do in my quaint little Village just outside Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada, that I thought I would share a few things with you, so when you come to visit, you can plan your day of fun, rest, picnic at the parks, watching the big horn sheep and just relaxing and walking around! This is a great town for all of the above!

So here goes! This weekend is the Art Festival, Art of the Southwest, Saturday and Sunday. It will be gorgeous weather, and a great time will be had by all I am sure. I may walk a bit myself this weekend at our beautiful clean parks!  Here are some fun places to put on your calendar and plan a fun visit sometime soon!

Boulder City Chamber of Commerce, check out for lots of information, our town goings on and more! Darling businesses, fun places to see, Art, Crafts, Antiques, make a day, enjoy our parks and rec and attend some very very fun events to come. Also, there is not a bad place in town to eat!  It's all good! Trust me!

The Boulder City Community Gardens are beautiful this Spring. So many vegetables, Iris, and trees and various flowering plants are surprising me each time I visit, which is a few times a week! There are a couple of picnic tables there under the trees, so bring your sandwich and sit a while!

Boulder Dam Credit Union has vivid plantings around the building and it is breath taking, the purples, pinks and more.

We have a new soap company! Yes we do! I will be visiting them soon and will post some pictures! Boulder City Soap and Candle Company I cannot wait to visit them, they are open Fridays and Saturdays only. Handmade soaps and spa products, oh boy! Located in the older part of town just above our main city park, within walking distance! Beautiful walk.

The White Porch, is on Facebook, this is a gorgeous quaint little shop, Cholette is the shop owner, beauty shabby chic and farm style furnishing at very reasonable prices. Plan to stay a while in these three darling shops, there is a lot to see!

Aura Sutra, be sure to visit Tracy here at Aura Sutra, skin care, relaxation, Detox, Yoga, and so much more. Visit her website, make an appointment. She is a lovely lady and is also a blogger. You can find her and tons of information here.

All three of these darling little shops are in a row in our historic district of original old homes of BC, Colorado Street, again, a short walk up from our main city park. These three are a must visit when visiting. The Community Gardens are across the street, as well as the Monarch Way Station, Butterfly Park, stop by here for more information on our Parks and Rec here in BC.

So warning now, this is a long long post, with lots of pictures of my quaint little village, come take a walk with me, walkabout in Boulder City! Enjoy!

Till next time! xo Kat =^.^=


  1. Hi Kat! Thank you so much for your comment :)

    Great pictures. It's certainly beautiful where you live. I hope you haven't stopped blogging.


  2. Hi Rue, love your blog, following you as well, good luck with the remainder of painting! I have two rooms left, the guest bath ( AGAIN!) and my studio office :) Thank you for vising the blog. Yes, sort of stopped, hard to upload pictures and more, trouble with it lately, so frustrating......meed to switch to a .com I think :) .......thanks again, Kat =^.^=


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