Monday, November 17, 2014

Post Bazaar

Hi and good morning! Just a quick note to tell you about the bazaar! What fun! Sold a few things, bought a few things from a talent beyond belief! I will share some of the lovelies purchased later on!

I made a few crochet neck things, I make the long scarves, just squares, because I cannot follow a pattern to save myself lol.

But I find that the short around the neck small ones do not get into the way of your clothes either. snug or loose, you choose, nicer than long get caught on yourself or bunched up under the coat.

Anyway I am loving the rich Fall colours and the feel of the yarn.

Today will be tending to organizing the mess I made whilst making all my goodies! The weather has turned cold, one day to the next, the bazaar day 71 degrees, Sunday, 56! Oh the always changing weather!

Lastly, I must say I met a ton of lovely crafters, so talented, and to my surprise I met Karen! A lovely lady that reads my blog! Thank you Karen for all your lovely comments, it was so lovely to meet you, small world! 

Till next post! Cover me, I'm goin in! (organizin that is! ) Have a wonderful day!

Kat =^.^=

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