Thursday, December 4, 2014

Can you hear the Fog Horn?

Good Day! Interesting morning to say the least! Fog! Fog is not something we get a lot here. Was a revisit from my childhood growing up, couldn't see the hand in front of your face type fog; airport ground stop fog, damp, wet, heavy air, fog. I've been up since five a.m. with a sick fur baby. He is okay but it was a long morning.

So, back on topic, after the bazaar, I decorated the house, big time! I was also inspired by a very talented individual! Some neat ideas from her for sure.  

Christmas is all around me and in every room, I am actually enjoying the early start, even some of it before Thanksgiving this year. The house is full of twinkle lights and I love that low light so much. 

Inside decor, not outside, not thinking I want to get up down up down on that six foot ladder this year or next.

I had some wreaths left over from the bazaar, so my neighbors were gifted. Gee I hope they like them! :)

Stay tuned! Will be posting my Boulder Dam Christmas Tour 2014 soon! I am having so much fun decorating this year! 

I hope you and yours have a lovely Season! xo Kat

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