Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Waiting for Fall!

Good day! Good Morning and hi there!

Yes I have been (absent) working on projects, finishing some, (absent) starting others and all around busy (absent) busy!

I have been absent, however, have been (taking a blog break) taking tons of pictures, a new passion re-visited, and will post some soon, that is if Blogger will cooperate! (PS it did not! Lucky to get these posted! Arggggggggggggggggg!) Hey Kat the Pirate! lol

Apparently we are having a slight spat and I am losing the battle. Not too much fun to start a post and two hours later you are still waiting for your uploads, so I move on! :) I've uploaded upgrades and done A to Z but still an ongoing battle it seems.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Summer, it was a hot one, but each year it is so nothing new here at quaint little town. Lots of happenings with new stores opening and closing, new roads, the mad cone men, as I call them, changing out the configuration daily! It is a blast to try and maneuver around the corners with quaint little car at times.

Anyway, news flash! I have discovered that I miss making paper and stamping crafts and things, vs painting furniture and more. I have been experimenting with paint, paper, stamping and my new and most recent love, stencils! I am doing a one day Bazaar in November and cannot wait. It should be fun! Being around creative people, that make makes me one happy Kat!

So just checking in with a few pictures, if they load, I will be back soon, hope not another two months, but things are changing, life and more, some neat things on the horizons looking forward to and will share when I can. In the meantime, be happy, healthy, hugs to everyone........waiting for Fall sweater weather :)

Kat =^.^=

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