Thursday, May 29, 2014

Purple Haze and the Spring Fade

good morning.....
purple haze is just one my little hummingbird visitors, one of many that frequent the feeders, i love the close up, don't you? i call him jimmy!
friendly little beings.....

i fear this may be the last of the spring colours......they all are fading with the recent triple digit degrees, seeds are falling and i am collecting for next year.
some are still holding on to the vibrant colour, lucky me, as i check daily 

planted some geraniums in honour of my Mother, they were her favourites

my little ones love to hang out with me whether in the front or back yard areas.


these pictures may be the last before the Summer heat is upon us, but i have so enjoyed them this Spring so far....

here's hoping you have a great weekend!

xo =^.^= Kat

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