Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's a sickness! I'm in love!

Apparently I collect, covet, hug, love, touchy feelie, can't get enough of, have you guessed yet?
F a b r i c!

On my old Martha furniture in the patio I used a sweet old comforter. I sink in that in the summer time and sleep very well there in the afternoons. I can wash it, as you can see, someone, is sittin there waiting for me! lol :) I love you mr. socks parker!
Yes I am a fabric hoarder! There I finally said it. And no, I am not ashamed!

Vintage sheets, doillies, linen, textured, all colours, half sewn, not completed, hand embroidered beauty, you name it I must touch it and if the darn thing talks to me, well, it comes home! I just cannot help it! Buttons are another post and another addiction! Sewing!
I think I got this affliction from my Nana. My beloved Mother's Mother. There are many Nana-isms that I use daily! lol!
"So how are you feeling Kat?" she asked " Great! As good as "two shakes of a dead sheep's tail!"
What the heck does that mean! I don't know! lol :)

 See the pink lace drapes here? Pink lace and solid pink satin. Wow, they are gorgeous, Thrift find oh so many years ago! like new! stored away, found and just like Christmas for me I jumped up and down! lol! I must stop doing that cause I'm "seasoned." :)

Lace drape covered the table, in cream, covered metal ol fashioned chair, was white linen.
And the piece de resistance was in the middle of it all, are you ready, peach drapes with pleated tops, they were a custom job for sure way back when, about 20 feet in length and wow the texture. Sheer beauty in the sun. And worked as another way to display my cottage sale this past weekend.
I was so happy with just looking at all the fabric! Silly? :) no :) I'm in love with fabric!
Vintage sheet on the left table; purple and sky blue muted textured and stripped huge pieces of fabric, think maybe tablecloths and some are shower curtains, burlap bags, and of course the gorgeous Mexican blankets with fringe! So very soft. These are so soft and wonderful and I carry in my car! I have about three of these, some thinner some not!   If I ever see these, they are mine in a minute!
So I started another blog, "linen picker" way back when, here, and I think now is the time I should address it.  I will be updating that soon and will start blogging on it more, simply because I must do this now.  I have so much fabric, vintage, antique, some of it given to me by my beloved Mother.
I started with one post and it stopped there. Not sure why, maybe I was just so busy, but now I can almost see the light! :) The editing of the home takes so much time not to mention the organizing.
 I am so in love and so appreciate beautiful material,  fabric, laces and "handmade with love" pieces, that I think I must start blogging about it. And more importantly, using it and or sharing it.
I think I will be able to part with it, maybe an Etsy store or online sell, not sure which road to take,  because there is so much. Really I just enjoy looking at it and all the colours and the vision of what any given piece might become.

A lover of anything Toile!

someone made this, it covers my "salt container" next to the stove
this beautiful piece is Waverly and so very floral, one of my faves.
Thrift find and just enough fabric to cover my cubbies for the sale! There are two bookcases behind curtain number 2! lol

Peek a Boo! lol Garden Humor!

Lovely all vintage denim clothing for children. I can see lace on some and puppy dog tails on  others :)
My dream is to start sewing, in the F. W. (my fashion wearhouse) creating and possibly selling down the road. Selling yardage as well.
There are times when I simply cannot sleep, my brain will not shut down so I am constantly with pad and pencil writing, drawing, creating or repurposing something in my head. :) I love the creativity! the eyes, not so much! :) Bag city! lol
Ok, now that that is off my chest, I'm going to bed! I'm freezing here, chilled to the bone. It's very cold here in the desert at times, like 22 degrees! Really? Yes! right now!
Hope you have a good evening! I'm planning a post in my head for Linen Picker, but I think will snuggle with the 3 amigos, my yarn, the radio, and my long john nightgown! lol
Have a good night! Stay warm and cozy everyone!  xo Kat

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