Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014!

Well hi there and Happy New Year! Today and tonight I will be going through, lookin back, and enjoying the happy memories of 2013 with a smile!
I have a big pot of veggie soup in the crock pot, the house smells wonderful, and I wanted to wish you and yours a wonderful, healthy, safe and happy new year to come!
I have changed up my lifestyle quite a bit, especially this year, and have become a full on vegetarian moving close to vegan-ism. 
I hope you will enjoy some of my future links and recipes, learning along with me with this style of cooking, and becoming more healthy within.
I have also moved closer to my passions, sewing, pincushions, and fabric of all kind! I have been remiss in posting to my other blogs and that is one of the top ten on my list of things to accomplish but I am not going to beat myself up about it either :)
That being said, what is on your list of fun things to do this coming new year? I hope you will be able to fit in your passions too! I know I am going to for sure!

Ive got the music up loud, dancing around, cleaning and enjoying the Sun today! I found last years picture of my home, and of course, since I'm playing with Photo shop, here is the final product!
Cute wooden characters, a gift from my neighbor and the oh so many lights :)
Love to you and yours, and again, the best to you in 2014!
Kat xo

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