Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cottage Vintage Sale!

Hi there! Well the yard sale was a huge success! We had such a great time and sold tons of neat vintage items and some new lovely handmade things too, that we are planning another sale in the Spring! I will be editing the house again (still lol) and gathering more stuff! Wow you never know what you have until you start organizing things huh! :)
Ok, if I was going to have a sale it had to be somewhat cute and cottage-ie!

My friend Miss K is an amazing lady! She worked her fingers to the bone making beautiful hats, shrubs, shawls and magnetic jewelry of all kind! She is the gemstone gal! All of her items have meaning.
She also made the lavender body wraps, which I sure used that evening! Helped with the back!
Anyway, I've been missing lately, recouping from the two day sale, and now my other friend is moving and the other one is having knee surgery! I'm not sure where I will be in the next few days either! :)
Hope you had a great week! We are off and runnin this week with snow, wind, rain, you name it and now it is darn cold! Burr! I'm not a "cold" person! lol!    xo kat

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