Thursday, August 8, 2013

Blog break, the heat, and a fight!

Well hi there! Yes it has been quite a while since I've posted, and to be honest, I've truly been done in by the heat and humidity this year among other things!
So I decided to take a break, then I had this fight! A really big fight, with a, are you ready, with a box of parchment paper! Ok......... stop laughin! lol
Long story short, and I get the willies just talkin about it, I tried to catch the wire basket in my pantry when it started to fall out onto my feet!, yes, and when I grabbed for it, zowie! instead of the side of this basket I caught the box and the aluminum part that cuts the paper! ouch and ouch again! I caught just the worst place, the end of my typin finger!!! just one of them thankfully! .)
I'm  just a cry baby, and it was on my right hand, the typing hand and every time I tried to type, it would open up and bleed again, so, at that time, well, I decided I guess it was time to take a break, I could still crochet after a couple of weeks, but these things as you know, heal from the inside out, and take some time especially when you use it all the time! lol
So, all better now, and this Bernat cotton yarn is killer cotton yarn, I love it, and it makes a nice bath cloth or for the kitchen too. This one was a dusie, rather large, but am going to use it in the kitchen to dry my hands with. Joanns just had a large sale and I had to go get more! Just love the texture and it is easy to work with since I'm a beginner crochet gal.
My poor hands, I am so mean to them!
I hope you all had a wonderful month of July! I did, resting and goofing off! :)
I am catching up with my unfinished projects now! Are you ready? It's a short list!
a coffee table, just finished it
three vintage shelves, one more thing to finish on all three
a new crochet purse with ruffles, oh my goodness!!!!!! yea oh it is so easy! not!
my large carry on, the big crochet bag, almost done!
a small vintage all wood chest of 5 drawers, tall little gal
and I'll stop there, as I'm scaring myself again!
wow! I have a large platter going again! go figure, and who knew!!!!!! :)
Hey today is cooler, in the 90s!!!!
hugs to you, kat =^.^=

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  1. Glad you are catching up on your projects and the heat is a little guys have been hit bad this summer! Hope your hand/finger is better...parchment paper will never win! Blessings~~~Roxie


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