Monday, August 12, 2013

To quote Elvis!

Hi everyone and happy Monday! Well I thought it was! I apparently have a "critter(s)" out in the back 40! lol Ick ick ick and double ick! ok enough of that! I'm itching over this and became the Queen of all Drama Queens today for sure! Hey, I was entitled!
Film at 1100!! lol
Anyway to quote Elvis, here is one " hunk a hunk of burnin love!"

 This is a way vintage Singer and she is a gorgeous piece of machine! And in working order! I have found a lovely sewing machine repairman here in my little city, he comes up from Henderson once a month, to visit our fabric store,  and I got all my vintage babies fixed! Can you say, yet another obsession, I mean, collection!
Anyway, she works, and I love her! the decals are gorgeous! She will sew a lot of layers too.
She is sitting atop my latest find.
There she was, "the big girl"  standing on end, another one on end! hum, (found my vintage 1940s couch that way too! lol), anyway 9 drawers, with the dust covers, oh my goodness, and she fit just underneath all my fabric shelves in my spare room. All 6 ft 3 inches of her!
I hit her with Howards Furniture Refinisher, does wonders for real wood, makes like new. She houses my craft items that might get too hot in the "fashion wear house" a.k.a. the garage, so this will work out perfectly for me for the organization part, which I am still working on!
Here are a few more pictures of my latest find, the big girl dresser!! Have a wonderful rest of the week!
hugs, kat =^.^=

Vintage hardware! Oh my goodness!

Dust covers, oh be still my heart!

Normally I paint everything, but she is too pretty and handsome, inlay and character, wow! Did I mention heavy! Solid wood! Oh my ackin back! lol

Isn't this bad girl purdy!

Even a jewelry tray! In perfect condition I might add!  Gimme a break! s.c.o.r.e!!!!!

Hurry up kat, she screamed, as it started to sprinkle! That was a day! humid, hot and of course the minute I got her outside awaiting help to get her into the house, 6, count em, 6 rain drops all landed on top of her!

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