Tuesday, June 18, 2013

progress report, crochet purse, bag, suitcase, quilt or carry on!

hi! remember i'm workin on a crocheted handbag, purse? you can find my original post here!
the above pictures, what she is supposed to look like!......right!
keep reading!
well, this is what i have now, a work still in progress and this will be one rather big bag, i used double crochet, my friend did single, very big diff, especially when you go around your square with two finishing colours!
in the pictures you will notice i curled up the edges, really to make it smaller, i'm still laughing here, and i need to stitch all the squares together, sewing machine or by hand, hum. think the fold up edges will give her more character, a huh...
made three roses, had help with one,  tonight  will make the brown leaves! then configure a lining for this bad boy! and attempt to put her together, film at 11:00, 0200 or days later! sure sure...
"she" will be a big girl! but my first, and oh well, we learn by doing, right! .....right.
i still love the colours, i will make another one, i will do single crochet, i am not afraid! lol a huh! sure!

more pictures when she is done, but for now, here she is in all her large glory!!!!! she is bohemian and a free spirit, natural and wild! what else can i say! i'm having fun learning and making her! and really a lot of fun making the girls grin and laugh and then there is always the "head tilt!"

ok lets see if we can lay this patterm out!

purse handles in black and brown, i had to get two, from JoAnn's

folded up edges, for texture! (makes her a little smaller too!)

30 inches, oh well, SHE will be carrying me! i could make a quilt at this point! lol

i could go on vacation with this as a suitcase; carry on, drag on, yeppers; oh yes please, i need help getting her up in the overhead compartment! eyes rolling!

here are the edges flat, like they are supposed to be!

removed 8 squares! made a completely different shape here,  i had to change my clothes! this is hysterical! lets see, i could make coasters, hot pads with the left overs couldn't i! baby diaper bag or a lap quilt!

brings a whole new meaning to bag lady!
so i played and played and still playing with the final shape! but i could always make a long shopping bag too! picture this, 4 squares in the front, 4 in the back 4 on each side and there ya go!
this is a way fun journey with yarn! the kat loves it!lol
no, think i will stay with the original shape and get a wagon to haul her around in!
hope you have a great day! happy Tuesday!
hugs kat =^.^=

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