Thursday, June 27, 2013

it's HOT! really!

was rubbing my eyes here wondering if i was hallucinating!

he seems to be one happy, in the a c studio weather person!
informing all of us of the bad news and what is ahead! records he said, records!
hi everyone! as much as i want to post, paint, move and shake the stuff around here i can't!

it has been so hot, and since last year i seem to be suffering more with the heat than ever before...


here are some updates on my current projects!

the crochet purse! still configuring the shape and size, oh dear!

backup projects, cotton wash cloths, for the bath (lovely cotton and so soft) and dish rags for the sink!
i've made three so far, a no brainer, easy for me! lol just make a square!

last night was so hot i couldn't sleep so made one and a half! film at 1100!

crochet shawl with the largest hook i could find! yeah i love this, very boho and it moves and i can shape it into whatever really, loving the colours too!

i guess i am partial to the free form type of crochet, because apparently i can't follow a pattern! lol

i was trying to compile and take additional pictures of my "where i create" post but the garage is 110 degrees currently and i cannot even do laundry! lol

hey does this sound a lot like complaining! lol i think so! lol
hope you are fairing well, wherever you may reside! for us here in the southwest, hang on to your hats everyone, we are in for a WILD RIDE for the next couple of weeks!

stay hydrated, drink lots of water and stay inside if you can! hugs kat =^.^=
under the patio cover!
at almost 700 p.m.! oh my another sleepless night! lol


  1. Oh my! I saw the news said record high temps out west.....praying for some relief for you all out there! Your BOHO Shaw is gorgeous! LOVE the colors and the loose pattern! Stay cool as you can.....Blessings~~~Roxie

    1. hi roxie, yep we are getting a break, only 116 instead of 118 tomorrow oh gee! lol thank you for the kind words,hugs kat

  2. Lots of fab makes - love the shawl! Ooh how hot your must be! Take it easy xx

    1. hi chris, thank you! i can hardly touch that shawl! everything makes me sweat! hahahahaaha! hugs kat


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