Wednesday, June 5, 2013

crochet, i'm learning

THIS is what my friend made! Oh My Goodness! I just L O V E it!
WHAT a talent! Both of these Sisters are SO talented in the knitting and crocheting arena!
i think she saw a picture of this pretty on Pinterest, of course, hours later, she decided to make one!
i'm going to have to make a new Board on Pinterest for crochet myself! :)
She found the rose pattern on a three part You Tube video. I will try and list a link to that when I find it.

I am SO jealous, but the nice and lovely thing is they are teaching me!
man they do not know what they are in for! i'm HIGH MAINTENANCE!
Do you know how much my head hurts today? Last night I made one of these "roses!"
This is a work in progress but here goes, some pictures...
ok i used a "j" crochet hook


i'm going to have to line this pretty because if not my purse would be 5 feet tall!
I tend to "load" stuff up in purses! lol very heavy!

isn't this so pretty! these are my very favourite colours, since i was a little girl
purse handles from Hobby Lobby

i can't see anymore today! lol

how many are here? humm, counting!

ok i need a coffee or something! phew! all done! part one!
16 squares, 23 stitches in a row, double crochet
then a trim go around with the teal and then with brown
(working on the teal and brown today, in the air conditioning!) :)
i'm still working on that part! hopefully will finish all 16 by the weekend
then i can get the lining picked out and stitch the body of the purse together.
two more  roses to do! oh i hope i can do them! they are harder than i thought!
more pictures to be continued!
hugs and a very happy Wednesday!
we are under a heat watch here for the next few days so i'm inside for the next couple of days! :)
kat =^.^=


  1. ooh its coming on so well you clever lady! I love the colours too. Stay cool! xx

  2. Hi there, well I worked on it last nite! me, and the three amigos! lol! Im not done about 6 more squares to finish, then! maybe I'll find some fabric! lol, tryin to stay cool! ITS NOT WORKING! lol!!!!!! hugs =^.^=


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