Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Loving Garden Textures

Hope you all had a wonderful day! It was another beauty here! xo Kat =^.^=


  1. Hi Kat, you sure are enjoying your retirement (I am also but in a different climate). I love your photos, makes me wish that I had my garden again - I loved all seasons out there. Thanks for sharing. We have snow. Want some? Hugs, Chris

  2. Hi Chris wow your weather, cannot see where you are but way too cold for me.:) How about a window garden for yourself, indoors? and an idea on your little shades with the paint splatters? take a new pencil, dip the eraser in your paint color of choice and make yourself some spring colored polka dot shades :)Michaels or your local craft store will have an additive that you can add to any craft paint and you can then use it on fabrics!I'll pass on your offer of the snow LOL thanks for stopping by :) I'm following you too:) Hugs and keep those feet warm! kat


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