Monday, January 2, 2012

Quaint Streets Another Walk

Hi Sunshines, well it was another tremendously wonderful beauty of a day! Almost 70 deg again and I am SO happy and SO enjoying this lovely weather while I can! One and a half hours walk too! Good for me, fresh air, lots of pictures in my quaint little town. Side streets here we come! Let's get started down memory lane shall we? Someone might just recognize a couple of these :)

I'm off for a nice dinner with place mat, the good china and my own "fresh fruit" drink, consisting of frozen blueberries in the bottom of a tall glass, lemon ice cubes and fresh water! I just keep adding water and you can eat the fruit when you are done! So good!

 I missed tea time at 4, so later this evening, when it gets colder, I will be sitting in my favorite chair and a stack of books!

While strolling home, I did catch a few trees with the sun beaming through. Lovely. I would love to share all the pictures I took but there were 365 of them when I downloaded! I guess I get carried away!

The roses in everyone's yard were gorgeous, they had that shabby wrinkle look, varying colors within, just lovely, delicate and prestine! Some were so large and just wrapped so tightly in the bud stage, almost saying I am too cold to bloom! The colors were muted vivid with so much texture. I just wanted to dead head and stand there and mess with their gardens! Just STOP ME! :)

If I only had scissors with me! I would be running with them AND the roses to my home vase! :) Can you picture that! LOL Hollaring wo hoo all the way home! :)

I've made yet another decision today! Since I love taking pictures and that is one of my passions, I am going to save for that digital Canon! I have my eye on this one

Seems Costco has a great price and accessories to boot, a gadget bag, 8GB SD Card and two Lenses, a DVD and Mini HDMI! Wow  This five star Canon  EOS Rebel T2i DSLR is a great camera! Canon makes the best and that is all I will own! Currently I use a cute little Canon PowerShot. I love this camera! As you can see it takes great pictures too! Oh Canon..... I luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv u so! :)

Have a great evening! xo Kat =^.^=

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  1. ~~~~~~~~~~PITTER - PATTER~~~~~~~~~~

    That's my heart beating. I recognize the corner of Utah and K Avenue, and the tree-lined street. I lived in the second house down K - the one where the second truck is in front. Know where the beautiful white fence is, as well as the rose bush by the sidewalk. Where is the tall pine tree? I had one in my front yard - is this it?

    Thank you my friend, for accompanying me on a sunny walk through my neighborhood. I am overjoyed. Words are stuck . . . . . . .



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