Friday, January 6, 2012

It's Friday Already!???

Where did the time go! Another week down! Wow! Being retired seems like the hours, days, weeks just fly by! I am going to have to get back to that day timer schedule to get myself organized on a "retired life" program and back on track!

I am having WAY too much fun staying up late and getting up late whereas I used to get up WAY early, at O dark thirty :), and stay up late! LOL I'm a mess! :) So this weekend I will be starting a new schedule for the kat! Organize what requires to be done in each room, I'm still editing for the shop, and now a new Etsy store, Linen Picker on Etsy, film at 1100! :)

My Sis is also retired and we have discussed the "stages" of retirement and are realizing that a homemaker with kids schedule, a work, and a retirement life schedule are WAY different. And you have to adjust, well I'm having so much fun I feel like an 18 year old with no curfew! Oh hahahahahahahahaha I kill myself! No one is watching me! HA

Actually one can get caught up with so many other passions, like I have, and also learning so much with my computer and camera, cause I have the time now, that the days are on high speed! fly by!  :) I think I am twirling! Meaning, I go from room to room, re-arrange, move stuff, edit, then go to another room and make another mess! HAHA BUT I am having fun nonetheless!

Mid week I managed to injure my foot and am house bound waiting for the swelling to go down :( so I am sharing some random pictures from my walk earlier this week.

Some of the pines with the sun shining through are from around the Boulder City Cemetery. The pictures of Old Glory also. There are a lot of military up here and I have friends there as well that I worked with, so I always visit, smile, salute, bow my head in thanks for all they and the others have done to keep us and America free, God bless them and their families!

 I love you guys, have a wonderful weekend! xo kat =^.^=


  1. More beautiful pictures.

    Staying up late - late, and sleeping in late - late is oh so fun. I am in that mode, too. Good luck revisiting your schedule. I am making NO progress altering mine. Let me know if you discover any easy tricks.

    Take care of that foot.

    Thanks for posting.

  2. Hi Ellie, uh oh! thats not good info! :) But I will try! :) I'm trying with the foot, but it's my DRIVING foot! YIKES! :) hugs Kat =^.^=


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